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   Chapter 326 Don't Be Afraid. I Am Here.

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Marcus lowered his head and kissed the middle of her eyebrows. "I'll look at it a little longer. You go to take a bath and go to bed first!"

"I want to sleep with you." Feeling sorry for him, she stroked his face, not wanting him to stay up late.

There was a charming smile on his lips. "Baby, are you seducing me? Want it? Okay, let's take a shower and go to bed! "

Without giving the woman a chance to explain, he directly took her into the bathroom and raised his hand to remove the tress flower on her head. At this moment, his sight was fixed on that flower. The corner of his lips turned up. He didn't expect that the crisis was solved so soon.

The frown between his brows finally unfolded. He lowered his head and gently kissed his beloved woman, as if every inch of her skin was tainted with his breath.

The two couldn't get enough of their passionate kisses, and they made love everywhere in the bathroom.

Again, her mouth was blocked by the man and she patted his back to make him release her breath. The man finally let go of her mouth, but his lips twisted to the back of her ear and neck.

Cindy pushed the man's head, "Don't do that."

The man whispered in the woman's ear in a low and hoarse voice, with his unique charm, "Baby, you seduced me first, and you must be responsible for that!"

"I just said I want to sleep with you." She explained seriously.

Just now, Director Wang called and said that he had discussed with all the directors, and they would punish her tomorrow at most!

She knew that he would try his best to protect her. She also knew that he had not found evidence to help her so far.

But how to control the situation tomorrow?

All she wanted was a good sleep for recuperation.

Marcus smiled, "Don't worry. I'll be very gentle this time. I'm sure your body will bear it."

He kissed her again, giving her no chance to say no. he took off their clothes and turned on the shower head.

The warm w

wd today.

After a while, the sound of people leaving came, and the man walked into the lounge, with a sandwich and milk in his hands.

"Good girl! "Why do you get up so early? Come and eat the breakfast. "

Cindy sat at the table with the man and took the sandwich from him.

"Let's eat together." She opened the bag and handed it to his lips. She knew that in order not to be doubted, he would not ask for two breakfasts.

Marcus took a bite with a smile and touched the face of the woman. "It tastes good, but I like you more!"

Cindy glared at the man and took a big bite of the sandwich, with a strength more like to bite the man.

They finished the sandwiches.

Marcus wiped the edge of her lips with his finger and said, "Honey, I'm sorry. You have to go back to the dark room. "

Cindy nodded. "I know. Let's go!"

Holding the little woman's hand, Marcus opened the door of the secret passage and went in with her.

"I'm leaving! Someone will bring you to the hall. All members of the Huo Family will be there. But don't be afraid, Cindy! You have me. Do you know that? " Marcus told her.

Cindy nodded, "Yes, I know. "

No matter how reluctant he was, he had to let her go. After taking a deep look at her, he turned around and walked towards the door of the secret passage.

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