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   Chapter 290 He Is Coming!

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"Let you go? Why should I let you go? You are just a pawn in my hand. I can do anything to you! "

He reached out his hand to take off her clothes. He bit her neck, like a vampire.

This woman made him love and hate. That undeniable hatred drove him to hate her to the extreme.

"I'll rather die than be with you. I'll only hate you!"

Cindy felt a pain in her neck because he had bit it open. She knew that Carlos wouldn't let her go today.

She had sympathized with this man, but now only hatred and disgust remained.

As Carlos licked the wounds on her neck, he stared at her with burning, reproachful eyes.

It was more difficult for this woman to fall in love with him than to touch the sky. It was just his wishful thinking!

No matter whether she remembered Marcus or not, she would never fall in love with him!

"I haven't had any good things since I was born. Those things only belong to Marcus, not me! I thought you would be an exception, but it seems that I was wrong. Do you know how I treated those wonderful things that don't belong to me? I would rather destroy them than give them to Marcus! So, go to hell! Do you know how painful it will be to see your lover die in front of you? "

He stood up from her body and went out with a cold smile.

Hearing that, Cindy quickly got out of bed with her head spinning wildly. 'What on earth will he do to me?

And, will that man come?'

Her heart ached for herself and for Marcus as well!

Suddenly, she heard footsteps and the sound of closing the door outside the room. She knew that they had all left.

The sound of iron chain came faintly from the distance after a while in the deathly stillness of the night. It was the last sound they had when they had shut the gate of the warehouse.

After a little while, Cindy smelt a pungent odor. It was gasoline!


All of a sudden, her heart jumped to her throat. 'It turns out that Carlos wants to burn me to death, ' she thought.

That was right. Midnight flames were the most obvious. Only in this way could he attract Marcus.

Without any hesitation, she ran to the door of her room. The door was locked, and she could not open it. She looked around the room quickly. 'What could I do to get out?'

In the distance, Marcus had found the fire. He knew that

ed to the window and found that it was completely closed because of rust.

Her heart sank as the thick smoke had surrounded her. She would be choked to death by the smoke if she did not escape.

She hung herself on the windowsill and pulled out wood to smash the remaining pieces of glass into pieces. The pieces of glass cut her arm from time to time. Blood slowly flowed down her arm.

At the moment, the wall on her side was on fire. She held her breath and climbed out of the window regardless of the pain.

It was tough for her to breathe fresh air, but the air around was full of flames, and she dared not stay for a second. She quickly slid down. Suddenly, the rope in her hand was cut off by the fire, and she fell to the ground from midair.

She kept rolling on the ground to offset the shock. When she looked back at the warehouse, it was already swallowed by the fire.

She stood up and looked around. This was the back of the whole warehouse, and the fierce gunshots were in front of it.

Marcus is still there! She ran away at once.

The fire in the warehouse was spreading bright red, and the man with red eyes was much more fierce.

Marcus seemed to be crazy. He raised his gun and shot at the killers without dodging. The killers who blocked the door fell down one after another. At that moment, he threw his gun and ran into the burning warehouse.

"No --"

Shouting, Cindy rushed towards him. Somehow, a picture appeared in her mind. In her memory, when the explosion happened, Marcus rushed to her.

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