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   Chapter 286 I Can Give You What He Can

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It was a small river, quietly flowing. There were willows on the riverside, as well as beautiful flowers and grass. Although it was at night, this beautiful scenery was still very pleasant.

"It's a wonderful place. People would love to sing there."

Then, Cindy walked towards the river.

"Wait!" "Watch out," Carlos said, walking past herㄡ

He was afraid that she would accidentally fall into the river.

"What? Are you afraid that I would fall?"

Said Cindy in a low voice, looking at the man holding her arm in an instant.

But she didn't break free and let the man help her walk towards the river.

In the silent night, a gentle song flew slowly, and the stream in the river flew with the rhythm. willows in the river shook the head gently. The beautiful woman's melodious song made the man next to her fascinated.

When he came to his senses, he cursed in himself, 'I'm so useless.'

He didn't know how many women he had slept with, but why he was still like a first-class boy around her.

It was such a close distance that his face turned hot.

Luckily, it was a little dark. Cindy didn't seem to have noticed his awkwardness.

After a piece, Carlos clapped.

"Good job." He said.

"You also want to sign?" She turned around and looked at him with a slight smile.

Her smile dazed him. "I... I don't think I can sing well."

"No, I heard you sing very well before, but you always sing alone."

A wry smile tugged at the corner of Carlos' mouth. "I don't want to be laughed at. I don't deserve anyone's love."

Although Carlos was also from a private school, no one thought of him as the young master of the Huo family. In everyone's eyes, there was only one young master of the Huo family, and that was Marcus.

And he was just the object of ridicule!

How could he perform in front of the public!

Hearing that, Cindy pursed her lips. "In fact, no one treats themselves as a princess and a prince. It's just that you don't want to get close to us."

d his eyes to take a look at the screen. It was George calling. He slid the screen to answer it

By the river, after a passionate song, he slowly walked towards her in women's applause.

A pair of dark eyes fixed on the woman's eyes for a moment. "Cindy, if I help you to avenge, can you stay with me? I can give you everything that Marcus can give you, including the identity as the mistress of the Huo family. "

He had never been in love, nor would he say any sweet words, and this was the only reason he could think of to move her.

But his words were out of her expectation. Cindy blinked her eyes and concealed all kinds of feelings in them. "Although my memory is incomplete, I don't remember I loved you or you loved me. To be more exact, you should hate me! "

In her memory, he was always dark to her.

"How could I hate you? Cindy, I've never hated you. But Marcus didn't allow me to get close to you, so I could only peep at you, watch you smile at him, and see you grow up day by day. If I succeed this time, let me protect you, okay? "

He raised her chin with his finger. He had seen Marcus do this many times. He then gently kissed her lips. He lowered his head, hesitating. Her rosy lips were just a dream.

Suddenly, she turned around to avoid his lips. "Why didn't he allow you to get close to me?"

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