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   Chapter 281 Don't Let Any Other Men Approach Her

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6965

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When he saw his silent son, George raised his head and burst into laughter. "This is my son. It seems that Huo Family will be handed over to others. We can just let Carlos massacre the Huo Group!"

"Dad, I know!" Marcus stood up. It was his responsibility that he would never pass away.

"Yes! This is my son! Marcus, as long as you can keep the Huo Group, I won't stop you even if you order the whole Huo Family to take Cindy back! "

The next morning came as the sun shone through the window and shone into the Maybach which was parked not far away from the villa.

Marcus was staring at the rising sun. The gentle sunshine couldn't warm up the coldness in his eyes.

Suddenly, a car slowly stopped in front of his car from not far away.

Abbie got out of the car, took a look at the Maybach, then walked up to the car window and knocked on it.

"Is Mr. Marcus loyal to Cindy and willing to protect her or try to take her away?"

"I'm waiting for my woman to wake up." Marcus said coldly.

"Marcus, are you trying to force her to death?" Hearing that, Abbie's anger burst out all of a sudden. Cindy could have stepped away since then, but this man had been forcing her step by step.

Marcus sneered, "Maybe I want to force myself to death. I won't let her go!"

"Mr. Marcus, do you think you can take her away from the place of Luo Family?"

"No, I won't. But I will never let her go. Tell the guy named Nicolas to stay away from her. I promise I'll kill all the men who get close to her! "

Hearing the cold voice of the man, Abbie was completely confused. Hadn't he said that he wouldn't take her away? But what did he mean by that?

"What do you mean?"

"I allow you to take her with you, but I will get even with Andy if she got hurt. Besides, she is my woman. I don't allow any other men to approach her. Do you understand what I said?"

Abbie sighed in secret. This overbearing man didn't even let go of Cindy to other places?

"You mean, I can take her away?"

"Yes. Besides, don't let her know what she has forgotten. Don't stimulate her. Marcu

woman, he should hate Cindy too.

For several times, she finally understood why he let Cindy go at the last minute.

It was just that he was in love with Cindy and didn't want her to die!

She had suffered a lot from these two men for the sake of Cindy. How could she allow a break for a man like Carlos? She wanted to stab him in the heart like this!

"Go to hell!" Then Carlos lifted her up, punched and kicked her. If it weren't for his plan, he would have killed her long ago!

As the injured Emma was about to fall to the ground, there was no tear in her eyes. It didn't matter how painful it was.

If she died, she would let everyone be buried with her! If she was alive, then everyone had to die!

In the warm sunshine, Cindy finally woke up. She didn't wake up until noon.

She didn't leave the room until she finished the morning wash.

"You're up. Go and have some food!" Abbie was waiting for her in the living room.

"Have you eaten yet?" She asked Abbie and Nicolas.

Abbie chuckled, "My lady, it's time for lunch. Of course we have breakfast."

Making a face at her, Cindy said, "It's all your fault that you didn't wake me up."

"You always get angry when getting up. We don't need a slap in the face. Only Huo..."

Only Marcus dare to wake you up!

She swallowed the rest of the sentence. Obviously, it was not appropriate to mention him now.

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