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   Chapter 278 She Would Never Leave Me!

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"How is he now?" asked Miranda again.

"He was given an anaesthetic just now and will wake up in about two hours, so I took this opportunity to scrub his body." Amanda couldn't help but blush as soon as she finished her words. Miranda should have noticed that there were many wounds on Bob's body, so he didn't wear any clothes at all. And just now, she was rubbing his body.

'I didn't expect them to be so close, ' Miranda thought.

"Well, then I won't disturb you anymore. Go ahead with your work! Take care of Bob. "

Amanda's heart skipped a beat. 'What does Miranda mean? Does she…'

"You can rest assured that I will take good care of him,"

After seeing Miranda off, Amanda turned around and continued to clean for Bob. She couldn't help feeling sweet when she recalled the scene she and Bob were in the secret room.

At dusk, Cindy's eyelids moved, as if she had been sleeping for a long time. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Marcus's face.

"Cindy, you are awake. Are you thirsty? Have some water. " Marcus pressed a button on the bed to make the bed move automatically.

He brought a glass of warm water to her lips, "Honey, have some water first. Your lips are dry."

Cindy wanted to laugh. 'His tenderness and consideration amused me. What else is he hiding from me?'

She hit him with her hand, and the cup fell to the ground and broke the glass heart.

"Marcus! Does your fiancee know that you are here with me? "

"Cindy, it's not like what you think. There was nothing between me and Amanda. It was just a cover. She played with me."

"Acting? Is your engagement on the island a fake one? "

Marcus narrowed his eyes, grabbed her arm and asked nervously, "How do you know we're engaged on the island? You've remembered everything? What else did you remember? "

It's not reported on the news where they were engaged!

"Yes, I remember that you are engaged. Don't tell me that you are acting on the island! Among all the things that I haven't thought of, is there anything else that I can't a

ther's bottom line.

Marcus went straight to the opposite of the Luo Family, and Abbie was one of them.

"Abbie, I don't care how much Andy loves you. This is the Huo Family's house. You shouldn't have brought your family members here!"

Abbie's eyes twinkled. "Mr. Marcus, I was just ordered to take Miss Cindy back. It's not against the law for a brother to take his sister back, right? Please hand over the lady of the Luo Family to us. Otherwise, it will ruin the harmony between us. "

She stressed on "the lady of the Luo Family" and reminded the man opposite her of the identity of Cindy.

Wearing a straight face, Marcus said in a low voice, "She won't leave me!"

"Mr. Marcus, are you sure? If you are sure of it, why not ask Cindy to meet me? I believe Andy, as her brother who dotes on her, will respect her opinion. "

Marcus's face was as cold as ice, and his eyes were as cold as ice. "She was brought up by our Huo Family. You can't take her away!"

Abbie turned her eyes away. 'It seemed that Emma didn't lie to me.'

Just now, she had been muttering about the motive of Emma. Probably because she wanted to stir up a fight between the Luo Family and the Huo Family.

But now, Marcus didn't allow her to see Cindy. It only meant that Cindy had really lost her memory, and that he wasn't sure whether she would stay with him!

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