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   Chapter 208 Don't Ever Want To Bully Her Again!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7069

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Elaine bore the pain and lay on the ground, staring at Amanda.

'Although she is young, she is deliberately making troubles for me. What a good chance for her to travel around! But she comes back now!' Elaine thought.

She knew how much this man loved her. Just from the way he looked at her, she knew that he would not defend her, not to mention revenging for her!

Only after pacifying Amanda did Daniel speak coldly.

"If Marcus didn't help, Elaine would win this round. So the result goes as scheduled."

All of a sudden, Marcus's eyes turned cold. Even though he tried hard to suppress his anger, the veins on the back of his hands were still prominent.

He looked at Cindy, thinking about what to do next.

"Brother, it's unfair! Sophie won this round. I saw clearly at the door just now. She beat her and asked her kindly. It was because Elaine was too vicious! She used Sophie's sympathy! " Amanda was angry and she tried to defend Cindy.

"But, Amanda, the competition is not over yet. It's Sophie who has made a fatal mistake! Amanda, you can't be too kind, or how can you live in this bad society? Sometimes, your sympathy would kill you! Amanda, how many times do you need me to teach you to remember? This is a win for Elaine! "

Hearing what Daniel had said, Cindy felt a pang in her heart. 'There is no need for love and kindness in the world.' she thought.

'Otherwise, you will be used, and you will even lose your life!'

She caught a glimpse of Marcus from the corner of her eye. He was still sitting there as calm as before, and there was not a trace of panic on his face.

"You can only be mine!"

This sentence he said to her before was just like what she imagined.

Her heart throbbed and ached!

'No! Didn't I already decide to give up on him? No more pain! No!'

She took an apologetic look at Brook on the ground. She didn't expect that it would be so hard for her to fulfill their wish.

If kindness and sympathy are wrong, then I am totally wrong! "

She said coldly, but with hatred in her eyes, she turned around and grabbed Elaine's injured arm, and pres

glance, Cindy began to tell her about the first time he met Vera.

A group of people lifted Brook to a deserted area on the island, where dead servants and beauties were buried. Most people here were buried randomly, not even a tombstone.

If not for the help of two men who had buried Vera before, they could not find her grave.

"Sophie, their story is touching. If only I could come back earlier, I could ask my brother to let them go!"

Hearing the story told by Cindy, Amanda could not help but touch her tears.

Her brother had kept telling her that there was no true love in the world. He asked her not to believe in men, not to mention to fall in love with anyone!

But she still didn't believe it, and today's thing exactly confirmed that there was true love in the world!

"My brother told me that there is no true love in this world. He didn't allow me to fall in love with any man and he asked me to marry someone who could protect me. But I believe that I will find the one who loves me, and I love!"

Looking at the girl sobbing by her side, Cindy thought she was a little different from Daniel.

"Yes, I also believe that God will make a kind person happy!"

Although she spoke those words, there was a helpless and bitter expression on her face. She wished all the good girls happy, but how could she, a person who didn't even have the ability to love others, bless others?

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