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   Chapter 205 Take Your Undeserved Gain For Granted

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"Oh… You are so shameless! "

Cindy screamed and pushed his hand away. But she felt insecure and had to lean on him again.

Her face turned red because of shyness and anger. She bit her lips tightly.

"Cindy, if I don't do it, you will be thrown to death."

The man rascally reminded her.

"It's all your fault!" She turned her head aside and denied it.

"Really? Am I wrong? I will teach you again. " He put his hand around her waist again.

"Get your hands off me!"

"No," said Marcus. The unique scent from her body made him feel very comfortable.

It was the first time he had ridden a horse with her. It felt great even in such a dangerous place!

"After three more laps, if you still don't learn how to ride, I'll punish you,"

The word "punishment" by him was definitely understood by Cindy, which made her even more embarrassed and indignant.

"I don't want to learn now. Stop the horse. I have to compete with Elaine!"

Only then did she realize that he had taken her somewhere. When she looked back, she didn't see Elaine.

Obviously, she had become a lamb to be slaughtered, daring not to move.

"Good girl, stop learning it if you can ride, okay?" He whispered in her ear in a low voice, and the moving sound seemed to tortured her heart.

"I don't want to learn!" She shouted at him in anger.

"Honey, it's not up to you!"

All of a sudden, Marcus stepped on the horse's belly and the horse ran even faster.

At this moment, Cindy felt that the surrounding environment was swishing away. She took a step back because of fear. Now, she completely hid herself into his arms, which seemed to be more conducive to the man's reckless actions.

She was so stubborn. She didn't know it was just the beginning.

After riding for a few rounds, the horse finally stopped. At the same time, Cindy, who had been restless for a long time, wanted to get off the horse. Suddenly, Marcus gave her a strength in


It was the first time for Cindy to realize the man, who she had been with for so many years, could be so shameless. She could not fight against him, nor can she escape from him. She was almost driven mad by what he had done to her.

"Stop it, Marcus!"

"But I..."

Then he reached out his hand and tried to touch Cindy. His voice was so husky that it sounded full of love.

The alarm clock rang immediately in her brain.


Instead of hugging him with her previous hand, she placed her hand against his breast. Then she exerted all her strength to resist.

"Cindy, I think it's a good idea to keep it as a souvenir of our reunion."

'Anniversary? Bullshit!'

She really wanted to open the man's head with a hammer and have a look. 'When is it now?

I'm still waiting for the race with Elaine, but he is so obsessed with other filthy things!'

"No way! I have to go back now. Elaine is waiting for me. "

"Cindy, if you go back now, I'm afraid that the competition between you and her will be uncertain!"

The man fixed his eyes on her, which made her freeze. She didn't expect that he would really do that!

'But what did he mean by saying that?'

She growled as she grabbed his hand.

"What do you mean? Does Elaine dare to disobey Daniel's order? "

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