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   Chapter 200 As Long As You Remember I Love You

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6652

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She didn't know how to stretch her arms. She kept her head down and didn't dare to look at the angry man in front of her.

"I don't want to be with Daniel. He drugged me and said that he was going to give me to his guest!"

With her present mental state, the only thing she could do was to make it roughly clear.

"Why are you so disobedient! How dare you provoke Daniel!" Marcus was angry and anxious. He didn't know whether he should care for her or scold her.

"I must avenge my parents!" Her fist hit hard on his chest. She looked fragile. She felt really uncomfortable and hated him!

If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have lost her child, and if it weren't for him, why would she come here to investigate!

Marcus took her into his arms and then ran the cold water together with her. At the sight of her crying, his heart ached. He wished he could have suffered everything for her.

"Well, it's my fault. It's all my fault. Cindy, don't cry, okay? "

He whispered in her ear and licked her ear, which made her nervous.

His breath surrounded her. She greedily smelled the unique fresh scent of his body. She couldn't help but want to hold him more tightly.

She put her head into his arms, "I'm feeling hot, so hot..."

"Cindy." That was the coldest water, and his voice sounded unusually hoarse.

Cindy's memory was in a mess since she could not tell the difference between now and the past. It was difficult for her to tell how she felt about him at that moment. It was not clear whether she hated him or she loved him. She only clutched him tightly with helplessness. The words of asking for help came out of Cindy's red lips.

"Cindy, let me help you, okay?" He whispered in her ear with his husky voice.

Did she acquiesce without saying anything or resisting?

A smile crept over Marcus' face. He raised her head and kissed her.

In the chaos, Cindy sensed that she was kissed by him. She wanted to resist, but her body betrayed her reason. She respo

k out her bathrobe and hung it on a giant oil painting on the wall. There was a camera in front of their bed.

Crazily, the long suppressed love was released at this moment. The beauty of this moment made both of them lose their control...

There was a faint sound coming out from the monitor. Even if there was no picture left, the sound was enough to make men crazy.

Daniel had never been depressed like this before. Even though he had no expression on his face, the tightly clenched hand of him had betrayed him.

Only he knew how much willpower he had used to not smash the monitor. He couldn't do that. He wanted to prove that this woman was not worth mentioning to him!

Although she was special and caught his attention. But he is still the ruthless master, Daniel! Since his mother died, he had made up his mind not to fall in love with any woman!

He was the master of this place. Women only deserve to be his tools and plaything!

But whether he admitted it or not, there was no denying it. Just now, he was still struggling whether to go there again when Marcus kicked the woman out of the room.

Maybe this time she would rush into his arms like other women and beg for him.

But he didn't expect that the man who never flirted with women and showed his loyalty to his fiancee would touch Cindy!

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