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   Chapter 198 make a choice

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Daniel's voice was as cold as falling into an ice cellar.

"I am no longer young. There is no need for me to stick around. I brought you up. I just want to find a woman who can make you happy before I close my eyes! Then I can see your mother!"

A heavy sound of metal colliding was heard all of a sudden. It was Daniel's fist that slammed on the iron railing.

"Don't mention my mother! You don't deserve it! We both know how she died! After her death, you bring me up, and then you can be the hostess here!"

"Did you keep doubting that I had killed your mother?" Mrs. Val asked, shocked

"Isn't it true? Who would be the greatest beneficiary if my mother died? 'Who on earth poisoned her? Why can't I find out?' Make me feel happy, and let me believe in true love! Humph, do you think I will believe you?"

"The most ridiculous thing in this world is love! All of you are the murderers of my mother! Don't tell me that you never had sex with that man!"

The man he was talking about was his father!

Daniel roared with rage, with his carlet eyes becoming more frightening like a beast in the prison.

Mrs. Val's heart missed a beat and her lips trembled for a long time, but eventually she could not say a word.

"What's wrong? You are eloquent. Now you are speechless?" Asked Daniel.

"Believe it or not, I didn't harm your mother. She is my good friend. Otherwise, she would not ask me to take care of you when she died!" Mrs. Val was so painful that she could hardly breathe.

"It is because of my mother that I allowed you to live till today and take the position of Butler! If you don't want to die miserably, you'd better stay out of my business! "

It took Mrs. Val a long time to catch his breath. "Even if you hate me, this matter has nothing to do with that girl. She was forced by me! It was also because Vera committed suicide, they let Sophie pretend to be her! Daniel, please set her free! She's innocent and has nothing to do with the man called Brook."

"You gave her to me, didn't you? I will have a g

deserve true love all your life!"

She thought of what Mrs. Val had told her that such a man was a devil and she would never let him touch her even if she died!

Daniel suddenly strangled her neck. If she wasn't arranged by Mrs. Val or Brook hadn't showed up, he would probably like this woman.

She was different from all the other women here. She never moved for his wealth, nor did she cater to him for his power.

Unfortunately, no one can make it! So he would never fall in love with any woman!

"I don't need true love, because fake things like that will not appear in my life. Now that you've made your choice, you deserve it no matter what the result will be tonight!"

He gave her a hard push and pushed her to the ground. Then he strode out of the room.

He left resolutely without even turning back, as if he would regret as soon as he came back.

Cindy got up from the ground, found her knife and shrank into the sofa.

Her brain was in chaos, and she wanted to take off her clothes due to the heat from her body. In a daze, the scene that flashed in front of her was all about the night with Marcus.

She didn't expect that she was still subconsciously thinking of him at this time!

She could feel his big hand and his warm kiss. Her throat was dry and she could not control herself.

What should she do? Did she have to...

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