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   Chapter 196 Kiss Me!

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Daniel raised his hand to raise Cindy's chin. "She knows how to dress herself up. That means she is trying hard to please me. Vera, it seems that you finally figured it out. Well, I like obedient women! "

Cindy's lips curled to show her disapproval. "Yes, I have figured it out. I will try to fall in love with you!"

"Are you trying to tell me that you haven't fallen in love with me?"

"Of course, whether I will fall in love with you in the future depends on your performance."

Since she couldn't avoid it, she had to face it! Something interesting flashed through her eyes.

"How dare you! Do you mean our master doesn't deserve your love? Kneel down and apologize! " Elaine said.

Daniel waved his hand and said, "Did I fear that she doesn't love me? You all retreat! "

Elaine and Shirley reluctantly slowed their pace out of the garden.

"Mrs. Val. Why do you want to stroll around the garden? Or do you want see whether your woman can seduce the master? Do you think how the master will punish you and that woman if he knows what you have done? "

When Elaine saw Mrs. Val, she stepped forward and blocked her way. She hated her, because this woman really thought of her as her mother-in-law. Mrs. Val always carped at her. This time she had something on Mrs. Val, so she would teach her a lesson.

Shirley was shocked and realized that Vera was the woman of Mrs. Val!

"But why didn't you say that just now? You have known that Janie has been keeping in touch with me. Is it because Daniel has fallen in love with Vera? That's right. If he knows that I have found Vera, he will be more grateful to me."

Elaine didn't know how to reply. What she said was exactly what she thought.

"We'll see! Val, don't count on a woman to bring me down! The hostess of this place will be me sooner or later! "

"Do you think a vicious woman like you deserve it? I really want to see your end! "

When the two women passed by each other, they spoke in a low voice that could only be heard by the other. There was no struggle, but the flames had been everywhere.

"Little beauty, I guarantee that it won't take long for you to fall in love with me!" Daniel said, his fingers lightly scratching the face of Cindy.

I want. " Daniel was about to kiss on Cindy's lips.

Suddenly, Cindy stopped his hand on her shoulder and stayed away from him.

"Let me make it clear to him!"

She knew what Daniel was going to do was just to torture them.

She looked at Brook, who was still kneeling on the ground. "Brook, I stay because I want to. You can leave now! I don't love you, and I don't want to see you either. My master is Daniel, and I will stay with him. "

Her purpose of speaking ruthlessly was very simple. She just wanted Daniel to let Brook go.

"No way!"

But unexpectedly, Brook didn't agree with her!

In his mind, he didn't want to get Cindy into trouble. "Get her out! I will give you my life!" He looked at Daniel aggressively.

"No!" At the sight of that, Cindy went up to Daniel and held him by her hand. "Let him go. I'll stay here and be your lover!"

She had tried to save Vera once, but she didn't succeed. She couldn't bear to see Brook die.

Since she was doomed to stay, she would not leave until her mission was completed. Therefore, she just trade her body for Brook's life!

The look in Daniel's eyes dimmed, and he pinched her face with his big hand. "Are you willing to be my lover for him? Are you willing to do anything for him? Well, let me see your sincerity! Come over, kiss me! "

Cindy tightly closed her mouth. 'One kiss for a life? It's fine.'

"Okay! I kiss you, and then you let him go! "

"I will spare his life!" The man stared at Cindy.

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