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   Chapter 195 Making A Mistake

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Cindy didn't hear what Janie was saying, and her eyes were fixed on the earring.

"Where's the delivering guy? Let him in. " Suddenly, Cindy said hurriedly.

Janie didn't expect that she would be so excited. She immediately ran to the door and was ready to look for the man.

But he didn't leave the door, as if he had already known he would be let in. He followed Janie into the room.

"Vera!" The man rushed into the bedroom as soon as he entered. When he saw the woman inside was Cindy, he was about to choke her on the neck, with coldness.

Cindy dodged and said, "Who are you? You'd better behave yourself. Otherwise, do you think you can get out of here if I scream? "

The man bit his teeth and said, "Now that I'm here, I don't want to go back alive! You are not Vera! If you don't want to die, then tell me the truth! Where is Vera? "

Janie was shaking with fear. 'Was the killer sent by Elaine?' She rushed to stand in front of Cindy and said, "I won't let you hurt Sophie!"

Cindy patted Janie's shoulder and said, "Don't worry. He just came here for looking for Vera. What's your name? Do you know Brook? "

The man trembled when he heard the word "Brook". "How do you know Brook?"

He came for Vera and knew Brook. It was not hard for Cindy to guess that this man might be Vera's family.

"It was Vera who told me that. Her boyfriend is Brook. What's your relationship with Vera? She wears the same kind of earring. Are you her family? "

"Tell me, where is she?" The man was almost out of control when he heard the words uttered by Cindy. Janie reached out her hands to stop him at once.

Hearing his answer, Cindy bit his lips. "I'm Vera's friend. But can you tell me who you are?"

The man paused, "I am Brook! Can you tell me where she is now? "

Shocked, Cindy stared at the man in front of her and shook her head. "It's impossible! Vera told me that Brook had been dead!"

"I'm not dead. Their guns were out of control. So I was lucky enough to stay alive. When I get better, I will find out that Vera wa

good way to keep pretending to be sick. Besides, I have something to deal with here, so I can't waste time on Daniel.' thought Cindy.

Janie went to see Mrs. Val soon. Before long, they sent her an improved cheongsam.

The cheongsam was very tight, but it was much more conservative than those clothes.

Cindy was taken by a maid to the garden. Although this place was an island, there were a lot of flowers here, which were all well-known all over the world.

The soft sunshine fell on the delicate cheongsam of Cindy. The subtle embroidery on it seemed to add a layer of obscure glow on her.

People's eyes were attracted by Cindy. She came over elegantly, like an otherworldly fairy from the painting.

Elaine's eyes were filled with jealousy, and Shirley's face was also very bad.

Daniel raised his hand towards her. "Come here!"

Cindy walked up to him and handed her hand over to him. But before she could touch him, he pulled her into his arms.

She tried to move backward but failed. The man held her waist and made her sit on his left.

Shirley had been biting her lips. Elaine was sitting on the right of him. She had been here for a long time, but she just stood beside him. And Cindy sat on his left.

"Master, aren't all beauties supposed to wear the same clothes? Why did Vera break the rules? " Shirley finally opened her mouth.

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