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   Chapter 190 This Was Fate

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Clenching her fists, Cindy lowered her head and then said.

"Okay! I promise you! "

She had no choice but to say yes.

Even if she dealt with the two men and left here, there were so many bodyguards outside.

How could she go out? She had not seen Daniel and the documents yet!

There was still a glimmer of luck in her heart. 'At least, Mrs. Val would come and save me?'

"You are a smart woman. You should know that even if you are lucky to be liked by the master today and tell him the truth, he won't do anything to us! Because what the master wants is only the result, not the process! You are more qualified than the dead woman. He will only be satisfied with the result. So, don't try to tell him! "

Cindy puckered her lips and nodded. 'I wouldn't tell anyone, but as for being liked by Daniel, I will get away as far as I could!'

The room was quickly cleaned up, and it was so clean that no trace of the woman's death could be found.

However, the two men gave her a name when they mentioned the dead woman!

Alita was also a little surprised when she heard the news. 'Why did she commit suicide just because she was taking a meal?'

Alita looked at the body of Cindy with confusion.

"She is not Sophie!" She pointed at the corpse and said.

Janie also came over. "Yes, this is not Sophie. Where have you taken her?"

When one of the men was about to lose his temper, the other man stopped him.

"Hey, Alita, I have something to tell you."

After casting a glance at the man, Alita followed him.

"No matter what, she is already dead. Her name is just a code name. You can call her whatever you like, right?"

Alita was about to speak when something was stuffed into her hand. It was a ring.

"This is the reward that the master gave to me last time. Miss Alita, please do me a favor. Okay?"

The ring in her hand was not ordinary. Moreover, it was a reward from

Val was surprised.

Then, Janie told her the whole story.

With her eyebrows frowned, Mrs. Val thought for a while. "I'm going to find them now!"

Janie was relieved. She believed that if Mrs. Val could help, Sophie would survive.

However, when Mrs. Val came out of their office and Janie walked up to her, she looked very serious.

She said to Janie, "Remember, Sophie is dead! There is only Vera here! "

"What are you talking about? Do you agree on what they did? Sophie won't agree! " There was a look of surprise on Janie's face.

Even though she hadn't spent much time with Sophie, she could see that she was not like Alita.

With a murderous look on her face, Mrs. Val gazed at Janie and said in a threatening tone.

"Janie, are you going to disobey me too? Whether she wanted it or not, it was her fate! Maybe God arranged everything for her! "

Janie shivered. She dared not disobey Mrs. Val! Now that Mrs. Val said so, what else could she do as a maid?

She bit her lower lip hard and lowered her head. "Fine!"

Then the voice of Mrs. Val softened. "Janie, since you and Sophie are so close, I will arrange you to serve her and be her personal maid when she becomes the lover of the master. Do you agree? You must take good care of her! "

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