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   Chapter 189 Scapegoat

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It was the woman she had saved from the iron chain the other day.

She pursed her lips. The hatred in the woman's eyes was so strong.

"Are you all right? Are you feeling better?"

After saying that, she felt like she had made a fool of herself. Obviously, she had already hated her, and she had to ask for trouble.

As expected, the woman sneered at her, "And then? "I can serve your master?" Being a plaything of him and leading a life like that of a prostitute!"

Taking a deep breath, Cindy lowered her head slightly.

"Miss, I think there is hope as long as you are alive!"

Whether she wanted to escape or not, as long as she was alive, she might be able to get out, didn't she?

"Aha... Hope? Sleep in the same bed with an enemy who killed my beloved one, and suffering his humiliation. Even if I died, I would be too ashamed to see him! "

The woman's face flashed with anger and sadness, her chest heaving violently, and her eyes brimming with tears.

personal enemy?

Only then did Cindy understand why she wanted to die! Indeed, no one could bear such a humiliation and shame!

But I also think that the man you love deeply wants you to live, and live well!"

She really didn't know what else to say to comfort her.

All of a sudden, the woman lifted the bowl from the table and threw it directly towards Cindy.

"If it weren't for you, I would have met him long ago!"

Fortunately, Cindy dodged quickly and the hot food did not spill over her. But the woman was obviously dissatisfied. She picked up the broken pieces on the ground and threw her again.

"What happened?" The bodyguards outside the door heard the noise and rushed in.

"Nothing. She just doesn't like the food. She got a little angry. I'll go and prepare another dish for her!"

Although this woman was not friendly to her, her hostility was also due to misfortune.

It was good enough that she was alive, so Cindy didn't want her to encounter any more trouble.

The bodyguard glared at them and coldly said, "If you don't like it, then don't eat it! Only the beloved was qualified to order! Clean it up!"

After cleaning up the broken pieces and the floor carefully



"What are you going to do? Snitch on us? "

The huge figure soon came in front of her and blocked her way.

"No, I won't. don't worry. I'm just a maid. I don't have to cause myself any trouble. What do you think?"

Said Cindy, trying to make herself look humble and timid.

"Hum, there is only one way to keep a secret Dead! " The man instantly strangled Cindy's neck. If he just tightened his fingers, her neck might be cut off.

Hearing this, Cindy gazed at the man in front of her. A lot of thoughts were running through her mind. Should she make a move on him?


At this moment, another man suddenly spoke, interrupting her thoughts.

"She can't die!" The other man stripped the hand off and freed her from his grip.

"What do you mean? We can leave her to our master for punishment if that woman was still alive. But she cut her wrist herself, so we should be responsible! If this maid tell others, we don't even have time to make it up! "

"Of course I know. But don't you see? She was an oriental woman and... She is more beautiful than the dead woman! " A smile appeared on the other man's face.

The thought of it made Cindy's heart tighten. How unlucky she was to be the scapegoat soon!

The two men looked at Cindy, which made her frown.

"Woman, from now on, you are her! If you dare to reveal a little bit of what happened today, I can assure you that you will die more miserably than her!"

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