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   Chapter 188 Forgotten Place

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It had been several days since Cindy moved in.

Recently she was receiving training with other new maids. Whenever she had time, she would wander around with nobody noticing.

Once again she stood by the sea and looked at the situation on the sea. During these days, she got a basic understanding of the situation here and knew that the woman she saved in the first place was sent to Daniel to live with him.

But as far as she knew, not only those women who were caught here, but also many maids had been waiting for Daniel's like.

But that woman was obviously reluctant! 'What happened to her?'

Cindy shook her head, thinking that she still had her own things to do here, and she couldn't be disturbed by these trifles.

Taking a deep breath, she took out the instrument in her pocket secretly. She wanted to know where it was.

It was obviously a man-made island. However, the place could not be found on the map, and even could not be detected by a radar.

After several days' observation, she couldn't even see a ship sailing on the sea, as if it had been a forgotten place in the world.

She remembered clearly that she didn't come by the water, nor by a ship. She first took a car and then walked.

So how did this place get in contact with the outside world?

"Sophie, do you loaf on the job here?"

When Cindy was still lost in thought, an angry voice was heard from behind.

Hearing that, Cindy turned her head. Originally, she thought that the girl was easy to get along with, but after a few days, her impression on Alita became very bad.

"Mrs. Val hasn't assigned any work to us yet."

As the new maids, to be exact, they were not qualified to work!

"There you are. Hurry up!"

Alita cast a glance at Cindy, and then Cindy followed her.

Cindy followed Alita all the way to the open space in front of a villa, where all the maids were standing in the maidservant area.

Mrs. Val stood in the middle of the staff with a majestic look on her face. Cindy stood in the queue with her head down like other maids.

With a whip in her hand, Mrs. Val asked, "Where did you go, Sophie?"

Hearing that, Cindy was stupefied. Before she could answer, she heard the reply from Alita. "She's been to the seaside and stayed there for a long time."

Pursing her lips, Mrs. Val looked at Cindy and said to her in a low voice. "Sophie, you are a maid. You'd better not go to the beach, and you can't stay there too long."

"Yes, I

here with her beauty, and then be valued by her master!" The young maid said to Cindy in a low voice.

Hearing these words, Cindy felt upset. It turned out that Alita was like those women.

Money and status were the real temptations.

"Thanks for your warning. By the way, what's your name?" Asked Cindy in a low voice.

"My name is Janie."

"My name is Sophie."

The two girls were doing self introduction when a maid came in.

"Hey, Alita, there are a lot of new beauties recently. We don't have enough people to deliver food. Can we borrow some people from you?"

Alita was about to refuse, but then she saw Cindy in a twinkling of an eye. An evil smile appeared on her face. 'I can lend the girl out!'

She pointed at them with one finger and said, "Janie and Sophie, you two go to help!"

The maid who came in just now was overjoyed to hear that.

Although Cindy didn't want to leave, she had to be patient. She knew that it was not an easy thing to see those documents.

When they got to the residence of these beauties, Cindy was surprised with his mouth wide open. 'How many women on earth are there?


Cindy and Janie pushed each dining car into the rooms of those beauties one by one.

The beauties lived in different types. Those who were spoiled lived in luxury and had a bad temper, so they didn't dare to let Cindy and Janie serve them.

So they were sent to deliver food to the newly arrived beauties.

Finally, they were in the last suite. Alvin walked in as usual.

"It's time for dinner, miss!" She carried the food from the serving car and put them on the table.

"It's you again!"

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