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   Chapter 181 Why Me

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Alex felt her cold back as soon as he lay down. She wanted to push him away. But pretending to fall asleep was such a bad idea.

He had never been treated like this, only she! She could always easily make him angry.

'You don't want to talk to me, do you? Are you pretending to be asleep?'

Who was he?

Of course, he would not be so ridiculous as to hold his warm face against her cold bottom. Therefore, he was like a child that could pull all the quilt over himself. And he seemed to not realize that how childish his behavior was.

He dragged the quilt, trying to cover himself.

"Olivia, you have been in bed for such a long time, but you are still cold. You are even unable to warm up the bed. How dare you ask for the necklace and get angry?"

At the moment when the quilt was pulled away by him, Olivia knew that she couldn't pretend anymore. She was only wearing a thin pajamas, and the air-conditioner temperature was always low.

And then what he said just now, which made her feel uneasy.

"I don't care about your damn necklace. I'm useless. Then why do you come back? Are you crazy? If you are conscious, then you would find a woman who loves to have warm the bed for you! '! You go ahead -- "

She went ballistic instantly. She sat up and roared, and grabbed a pillow at him.

Now she finally understood that this man came back just to make trouble. In this case, anyway, she would rather have a fight with him thoroughly than suppress her annoyance.

If Alex was normal before, but after he was hit by the pillow with this, he was totally abnormal.

Compared with her indifference to him, he enjoyed her challenging him in every way. She irritated him, making herself look like a little hedgehog.

She had erected the thorns all over her body to attack him, and then she was stabbed with so many wounds. But he was somewhat happy!

He didn't know if it was a kind of disease! He just wanted to prove that she still had feelings for him.

He grabbed the pillow she threw at him and threw it onto the floor. He grinned, "You want me to leave? I won't!"

"Are you out of your mind?"

When he came close to her, he l

ds, he had pulled her into his arms.

Inexplicably, she was somewhat unwilling.

As for her, what kind of emotion did he have? Why did he choose her?

There were so many women outside. Why did Alex keep her here? Just because of revenge on her? So why should he compromise now?

"Why me? If you are looking for other women, don't touch me, okay? "

Why was she here?

He wanted to say that was because...

But every time when he almost spoke out that word, he would directly swallow it.

He wanted to give her a future, but it wasn't the time yet. He didn't want her to be hurt, so he would rather not tell her.

At this moment, he still put on a cynical look and smiled recklessly.

"Why are you here? Because... " He then whispered in her ear, with his lips moving up and down.

"Because it is most comfortable to sleep with you!"

For a moment, Olivia even wanted to take his words as a praise, but... Fuck it!

If there was no comparison, how could he get the ridiculous conclusion without lots of practice!

So, she once again grabbed his arm, lowered her head and bit him hard with her teeth.

The more he hurt, the more her heart hurt!

She resented the man almost in despair. He never knew how cruel he was to revenge her in the most cruel way in the world.

Why did he keep bothering her? Did he know that maybe she could not let go!

What if she really couldn't forget him? What should she do?

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