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   Chapter 179 Give Me Your Heart!

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When Olivia walked from the living room to the dining room, the dining table was already full of various dishes. The whole world might have felt the tension between her and Alex, so in order not to get involved, the nanny quickly withdrew after she finished cooking.

She sat alone at the table. She was hungry, but she lost her appetite after only moving her chopsticks. She began to think about the same question again... Should she call him?

She had already found an excuse for herself. She could ask him reasonably, 'Alex, will you come back?' If he didn't come back tonight, she would live in the staff dormitory.

Yes, just do it!

As soon as she made up her mind, she immediately took out the pink heart from her pocket. She told herself, as usual, to make the call if the pattern faced up.

She closed her eyes and threw the paper into the air. Her pink heart fluttered and fell on the table. In her eyes, it was the pattern faced up.

She seemed to be affected by a very complicated emotion. At first, she was excited, cheered and a little nervous. Now, it turned out that this was the result she wanted.

Without hesitation, she took out her phone, found his name, took a deep breath, and was about to press his number with her trembling finger.

All of a sudden, the door was closed. She turned her head and saw the man walking in.

As soon as she came to herself, Olivia put her cellphone away in a hurry, as if she was eating.

When she picked up the chopsticks again, Alex had already entered the dining room.

"Have you eaten?" She didn't look at him but asked casually.

"…… Not yet. " He answered.

Such a conversation was always a bit strange after the two-day cold war.

A very weird idea emerged in her mind. 'It's good that he came back, ' she thought.

However, she still didn't understand why she was so spineless and why she was ingratiating herself to him. When he said that he hadn't eaten anything, she immediately stood up, and unexpectedly said, "I'll help you to get the bowl!"

But why? Shouldn't she say he deserved to starve to death? Was it because she was kidnapped and then he held her tightly in his arms after he found her? There was a trace of warmth in her heart

scattered on the ground after she left under the big tree seven years ago.

Was that the gift she had given him?

It seemed that she was really good at making small things like this, and she liked it too. But why was she so nervous now?

He thought it over and over again, and finally he thought of Cole...

"Why are you so nervous... Let me guess. Is it a gift from someone else? "Cole?" The mere mention of this man made him uncomfortable.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she pretended to be calm. She knew that the name "Cole" might enrage this man.

"No, I did it myself. I like folding and playing these things..."

She tried to be as calm as possible and spoke with great patience.

Alex looked at her with doubt.


Seeing the hesitation in his eyes, she tried to prove the authenticity of her words. She just wanted to get the thing back as soon as possible. As soon as he took the thing in his hand, her heart trembled nervously. She was extremely uneasy.

"Really? Did she fold them herself?"

As he said this, his eyes swept sharply at her face. She was not good at lying, and he was not that easy to lie. Just looking at her flickering eyes, he was sure that this woman was playing such a low IQ game with him again.

But he didn't expose her. When he looked at her smile, there was a meaningful light in his eyes.

"Well, then you can fold them again since you did it yourself. Just give me your heart!"

Did he really want to have it?

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