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   Chapter 177 This Face Was Your Fate!

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However, the man's lips seemed to sweep over her lips, but they did not fall for a long time, as if he was teasing her.

"Marcus Don't do this... "

Even if it was just his approach, she had fallen in love with him.

"What? Don't you want it? "

It seemed that Marcus didn't intend to let her go. Seeing her refusal, he frowned slightly and seemed a little unhappy.

"No, I don't. It's just my foot hasn't fully recovered. And Don't you forget what the doctor said? We can't take any strenuous exercise recently. "

While saying that, she lowered her little face, seemingly delicate and shameful.

Hearing her words, Marcus could do nothing but sigh deeply. He no longer forced her and stayed away from her.

"Yes. For the sake of our baby, we have to wait for a little longer. But Don't let me wait too long. "

After he whispered in her ear, he smiled evilly. Her ears went red.

"By the way, speaking of baby, I will arrange a doctor to reexamine you as soon as possible. Have a good rest recently."


His words froze the whole body of "Cindy" and her face turned a little pale.

"Why are you so nervous? It's only a routine examination. "

Marcus smiled and stroked her long hair gently. He didn't leave until he accompanied her for a while.

He said he had something to deal with.

And she naturally had no excuse to ask him to stay. Now she only thought about how to avoid exposing her lie.


This had happened for several days in a row. Almost in the evening, Marcus would leave. This seemed to have become a routine.

"Cindy" didn't suspect.

As the night deepened, the two bodyguards were kicked out of the room by "Cindy", and she entered the bathroom quickly.

After waiting and observing for a long time, she finally opened the mini computer with her.

Soon, the Internet was connected to the Internet through the wireless network. Suddenly, a handsome man's face appeared on the screen.

"What? Did he discover it? "

Seeing her

of the cold words of Hugh, her heart was completely cold. So, it was better to seize the man in front of her!

"Marcus, can you stay with me? I am so bored alone. There is no one to talk to. "

Her grievance touched him.

"I'm sorry. I have been too bad lately. I have neglected your feelings and often left you alone here. If you don't like it, I won't go back tonight and stay here with you! "

Marcus's words surprised "Cindy" who didn't seem to expect this. Soon, however, her heart began to rise, and the surprise on her face turned to joy.

"Really? Are you really willing to stay with me? "

Her face lit up in surprise, and there was a sweet smile on Marcus's face.

He gently touched her nose with his index finger and said, "Of course I'm willing to stay with you because you haven't recovered yet. I'm afraid that I can't control myself if I stay with you longer. What if I hurt you?"

His words made the woman in front of him blush and quickly lowered her head. "So the promise that you made just now… It turns out a lie. "

"Who said I was lying to you? That's exactly what I want. I promise I'll be gentle today, okay? "

His red lips were about to fall. However, he stopped around her ears.

"Do you remember I left a mark on your body when we were on the island? Baby, I want to see it again... "

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