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   Chapter 174 The Most Important Thing Is The Beloved Woman

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Cindy's face darkened. "Hugh, you know I don't mean that!"

The baby inside her was as precious as her life, but if she had to be with him...

She still couldn't do it! She could not accept him if she didn't love him.

She paused and looked up at the man in front of her. "Hugh, it's time to go back to the Southern City. Send someone to send me back."

Hugh's face suddenly turned cold. "Are you so eager to see him?"

"I'm afraid that my brother will worry about me. And I have to go back and figured it out!"

That horrible nightmare was haunting her. She felt like she had lost something, so she had to go back and figured it out!

"Aha... You know clearly who you are coming back for. Your brother or him. But kitten, is it useful to go back on your own? Your dear Marcus... "

The next morning came. Everybody was looking forward to it. However, they did not expect that Marcus would show the evidence of Allen's murder to Bernier. All the witnesses who could prove that he was absent all confessed that they were lying before.

At last, under the pressure of the evidence provided by Aardman, Allen could only admit that he had planned to kill Bernier.

Aardman told his men to tie Allen up, and then took him back to confront his brother-in-law.

Marcus accompanied Aardman to the plane.

"Mr. Marcus, I heard you made a bet on yourself! You've really made a fortune. I'll give you a chance to make money. I'll sign the oil exploration contract with you!"

"Really? As far as I know, there are a lot of groups wanting to cooperate with you. Don't you need to pick another?" Marcus smiled, casually putting his hand in his pocket.

Aardman shook her head, "no! I believe there is no one in the world who is more capable to make money than you are. You can even earn money by risking your life!"

"Then why didn't you place the bet?" Marcus chuckled.

"Mr. Marcus! If I place a bet, how are you going to act? Then everyone would know the result! But to my surprise, you didn't kill them! What? Did you soften your heart? Do you know what does it mean to be softhearted? ' You're cherishing a snake in your bosom!'! Loo

no expression on his handsome face.

However, Emma was unwilling to leave. "Marcus, you can't wash your back. Why not let me stay? We are going to get married sooner or later... "

She thought the hint she gave was obvious enough?

After all, she was a beauty. All the men stared at her when they passed her. Even Bernier had gone with her since she only showed up in front of him?

But all her movements were useless to this man?

Marcus stood still like a statue, and his handsome face was finally colder than before. "Get out!"

His voice was not loud. Only two words made it difficult for others to ignore the overbearing and irreversible orders in his voice!

Emma tightened her lips. Being rejected ruthlessly by the man, she had lost her dignity as a woman.

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside." After a long pause, she squeezed out the words between her teeth.

"No, thanks. I'm tired. You can go home now." Marcus said coldly.

"……" "Okay." Emma said, biting her lips

If she continued to stay like this, she would only be more embarrassed.

She rushed back to her own villa. Thinking of his refusal and the fact that Cindy was still alive, she couldn't help but vent all her grievance on her clothes.

She tugged at her clothes, and today she specifically wore a dress with a low neckline, but he did not even look at her!

"Why are you acting like a whining woman. Marcus turned you down again?"

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