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   Chapter 172 The Engagement Party

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The man laughed in a low voice and put his handsome face close to her ear.

"I like you. It's of medium size, just perfect!"

Seeing that his big hand was about to reach out to her, Cindy hurriedly gave a slap. However, her wrist was grasped by the man and stopped in the air.

"I've told you, your chance of winning me is zero. If you want my life, use the method I told you!"

He patted Cindy on her belly with the other hand. "Get up! This is too much pressure. I'm not sure if you can get out of bed later. "

Cindy thought, 'It's him that holds me tightly, but now it seems that I am the one that leans on him.'

She was really pissed off by this man. She took the dress that he gave her earlier and went to the dressing room angrily.

Banquet Hall.

Cindy didn't know why Hugh wanted her to go with him.

Today, she wore a blue long dress with a floor length gown. The neckline of the dress wasn't very big, but because of the design, her cleavage was partly visible. She held the bag prepared by Hugh in her hand to unnaturally block her chest.

Her appearance annoyed Vivian again. On her high-heeled shoes of more than ten centimeters, Vivian walked over.

"Sophie, today is my engagement party with Hugh. What are you doing here?"

'The engagement party?'

Upon hearing this, Cindy was a little surprised. She glanced at the man beside her and seemed to say, 'Why did you take me to attend your engagement party?'

The man next to her, however, looked as if nothing had happened, which made her grit her teeth.

"Well I'm here to congratulate you. " She forced a smile.

"Really? Congratulation? What about the gift? Are you coming here with no gift? " Vivian didn't want to let go of her.

Cindy rolled her eyes. Except for the bag in her hand, she had nothing else to give as a gift.

She gave the bag to Vivian. The limited edition designer bag should be enough.

Vivian took her bag and pouted. "That's more like it." While saying that, she had opened her handbag, intending to change the bag in her hand.

now you want to leave?"

Cindy took a deep breath and turned around. "My lady, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me!"


Kaley was annoyed and her beautiful face turned hideous. She stepped forward and raised her hand, intending to hit Cindy. "It's all your fault!"

Cindy stepped back to avoid her slap. "Madam, I won't be so polite if you keep causing me troubles!"

As for Kaley, she always avoided her as much as possible because of Hugh.

But for what had happened today, she was already pissed off by Hugh, and now this woman still didn't let her go! She was not a pushover!

"Fine! You can have a try today! "

As she said so, Kaley reached out the other hand to hit Cindy again.

The hatred accumulated in her heart for so many years, at this time, she released it all.

Although Cindy was not fully recovered, it was not a big deal to deal with Kaley. Although she had fought back, she did not really hurt her. After all, Hugh was her life rescuer, and she was the mother of Hugh.

However, Kaley became angrier. She realized that she could not hurt Cindy at all. All of a sudden, she stopped, standing one meter away from Cindy, with a sinister smile on her lips.

She reached for her handbag. When it came out again, there was a pistol in her hand. The black muzzle was aimed at the heart of Cindy in front of her.

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