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   Chapter 171 How Do You Feel

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"Yes! Though we drugged her, if she doesn't trust me with all her heart and soul, her consciousness will not trust what I said! That man, Marcus, was too important for her to give up easily! They have to kill each other before she totally give up! "

The handsome face was gloomy, and an expression of darkness flashed through his ice blue eyes.

"Well, in fact, you don't have to be so troublesome. You can give her a psychological hint to let her kill Marcus and Alex directly." "Humph!" said Kaley. Obviously, she didn't like this situation.

"Mom, if that's the case, what's the meaning of the game? Even if Marcus and Alex had died, there was no meaning. After all, the properties of the Huo Family would have been transferred to the Carlos, and the Chu family to Bob. And what's more, Andy had come back to the Southern City. How lucky he was! Our aim is not to kill them, but to see them kill each other and finally destroy each other!"

A tinge of softness finally appeared on Kaley's face. "Sounds good, but the process is too long. We've been waiting for it for so many years. I don't know when the day will come!"

"Mother, the joy was not about how fast the revenge is but about the process of enjoying it. Don't worry, I will let you see what you want to see. By the way, she is very weak now. Don't let Vivian come to her temporarily. "

Hugh turned to look at his mother.

Kaley frowned slightly. "If you could be nicer to Vivian, she would not always think that she wanted to take you away from me. I need to talk to her father about your engagement at the dinner party. Get yourself ready. Don't let Vivian down! You should know that we need her father's support now! "

"I'll try! But mother, I hate those women who have big breast and no brain!"

With a glimpse at her son, she couldn't figure out what his taste was and why he disliked Vivian because she was always a beauty in the eyes of many men.

But she knew she couldn't force him when it came to love.

Just like her, although she had married

he sudden attack from Cindy. He was seized by the neck with her hands and she rushed to Hugh like a kitten.

"Shut up!"

"Fine, fine. But I was trying to save you at that time. Otherwise, how could you be alive and kicking now?"

When Hugh turned around, they made a turn. He stepped back, while Cindy was pressing on. As the man wished, he retreated to the bedside, and Cindy approached him. He would fall onto the bed as long as she moved a little further.

The man seemed quite willing to have such a feeling, and he even wanted to grab her slender waist with his hands.

"Stop it!" Cindy was so angry that she fell on the bed by accident. She didn't know what happened but stared at him and threatened.

"Sophie, how do you feel now? Huh?"

The man took action while speaking. As soon as he raised his big hand, he wrapped it around her waist.

Only then did Cindy realize how intimate their postures were. She immediately let go of her hand and was about to get up. However, the man held her waist so tightly that she could not get rid of his grip.

"Kitten, I think this is a good idea..."

The man chuckled. Cindy's face turned pale in an instant. Frightened, she tried to dodge, but he clasped her firmly and she couldn't move.

"Hugh, are you out of your mind? Let me go! Go and find Vivian. She's your favorite sexy beauty! "

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