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   Chapter 169 OK, I'll Hit Her

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When Cindy woke up again, the sun was high. The charming man was not with her but a woman brought her an early breakfast.

The woman was in black just like those male bodyguards.

"Miss Sophie, please have breakfast." The woman said respectfully.

Hearing her words, Cindy glanced at her and wondered why there were female bodyguards here. Usually, Hugh only had male bodyguards.

She lowered her eyes and ate her breakfast quietly.

"Can I go out for a walk? My head hurts. " While having breakfast, she said to the female bodyguard indifferently.

"Miss Sophie, I have to ask for the permission first."

The woman went out and came back a moment later. "You can go out for a walk."

Cindy nodded and ate her breakfast quickly. When she followed the female bodyguard out of the ward, all she saw was black.

It was almost the same as what she had thought. They were not in the headquarters located at Italy. She smelled salty sea. 'Are we on the island?'

There were not only trees but also many things to hide them. From a long distance, they would not find so many armed bodyguards!

Cindy thought the number of people she saw was larger than the number of bodyguards. It was almost as many as a team in the army.

"Sophie, you are still alive!" A sharp female voice suddenly appeared behind her.

Without looking back, Cindy knew who was behind her. And now, she understood where she was!

She turned around, and a gorgeous Western girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was standing behind her.

Vivian, Hugh's wife appointed by his mother!

But Hugh was not interested in this beauty. But Vivian's father had his own private army, which was good for Hugh in both business and others. So it was obvious that a marriage of interests was imperative.

It had nothing to do with her, but Vivian always made trouble for Cindy.

Seeing that the woman was looking at her angrily, Cindy smiled. "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Miss Vivian. Have you ever heard of the saying that a poor thing never dies?"

s. He was Vivian's father.

"I'm so sorry. How dare this woman act wildly here! I'm just asking Vivian to teach her a lesson!"

When she saw Vivian's father, the ferocious look in her face suddenly turned mild.

The fat man was immediately wearing a smile on his face. "The children's problem should be solved by themselves. Mrs. Kaley, you just came here. How about I take you to enjoy the view of my home?"

The man narrowed his eyes, and the wolf light from his eyes was undisguised and all fell on Kaley.

"Thank you so much. Hugh, Vivian has suffered wrong. You must seek justice for her!"

Kaley nodded with pleasure. But before she left, she reminded Hugh.

Looking at the two people, one was fat and the other was thin, Cindy was afraid that the parents would get married in the future before their kids got married!

She was a little embarrassed.

Seeing Hugh, Vivian quickly wrapped him around and tightly held his arm, with her chest on top of him deliberately.

"Hugh, Auntie asked you to seek justice for me. I want you to beat her for me!"

Nothing could make her happier.

There was a snicker on Hugh's lips, and his ice blue eyes flashed.

"You want me to hit her, right?"

Vivian nodded vigorously. "Yes, she just used sand to fan my eyes and hit me!"

"Okay, let go of me. I'll hit her!" Hugh said lazily.

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