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   Chapter 168 She Was Pregnant

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Inside the villa, a man and a woman looked at the man at the door at the same time.

Abbie suddenly blushed in embarrassment. She quickly tidied her messy clothes, turned around and ran out.

Looking at the man whose face was as cold as that of a storm, Marcus curled his lips into a charming smile.

He was extremely happy at the moment. He wanted to suffocate himself to death!

"I don't have the habit of peeping. You get the filthy sex with a woman here! Why not go back to the bedroom? How desperate are you? How could you do such a thing here? "

Andy ground his teeth and said angrily. "What do you mean? This was the normal need of men! A normal man would have sex with a woman every day, and the more impulsive he is, the stronger he is! "

While he said that, a sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth all of a sudden. He continued, "How can I tell you that? You haven't done that before. How can you understand that? Wow! It's such a pity! You haven't enjoyed the pleasure of being a man for so many years! "

Hearing that, Marcus was dazed for a moment. Then he pursed his lips slightly. "How do you know that I have never had sex? You haven't touched any woman when I slept with a woman! "

"Humph! You? Who did you sleep with? My sister? You actually have slept with her for a few years, but everyone knows that you can only look at her, but not touch her! Now my sister has grown up like a beautiful flower. But unfortunately, she doesn't like you anymore! Marcus, I think you have no chance to have sex."

The smile on Marcus's face was bigger. "Who said I didn't do that? Didn't you hear what Bob said? We have our baby. You will be uncle in a few months! "

"Marcus, even if I hadn't met my sister, you wouldn't have fooled me with that, would you? It's not funny at all. Ha ha..."

Andy shook his head with a ridiculous smile as he shook his head. But when he saw the earnest

eel now. So when I go back, you help me observe her!"

"Marcus, what the hell do you want to say? Is the woman lying there a fake? " Andy roared at Marcus. Anger was written all over his face.


Like a thunderclap, his roar suddenly silenced both of them.

Seeing the complicated emotions in Marcus's eyes, somehow, Andy believed him.

"Our opponent is not as simple as we think, so Well, I'll go back first. We will talk about it when we get back to the Southern City. "

Marcus chuckled. His opponent was not only ruthless and cautious, so they had to be more cautious than them!

Then he stood up and left the villa.

He couldn't decide what to do next. The scene that he saw her in bed kept flashing back in his mind. He remembered that when he touched her hair, she didn't dodge. In general, she would say, "I'm not a kid. Don't touch my head."

She would also call him "brother" sweetly, and the look on her face would be full of happiness, instead of…

'By the way!'

Suddenly, Andy seemed to have discovered something.

'Her eyes! The expression in her eyes was not right!

Although she wanted to be familiar with me, she felt somewhat evasive.'

Thinking of this, Andy immediately stood up and dialed Marcus's number with his phone.

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