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   Chapter 167 Don't Peek At Me

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 5037

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"Marcus, how dare you investigate my company?"

Marcus answered unhurriedly. "Yes, or how can I help you find the murderer? Although you're famous for mining oil, the oil field has been dried up day by day. In addition, your company is in trouble because it is not well managed. You married a rich young lady with interests that year. You wanted Bernier's mother to invest in the oil industry with her dowry, so as to solve the problems your company encountered at that time. "

"Well, thanks to your wife, your company has restarted. But as the saying goes, it is easy to ask help for God, but difficult to ask him to leave. It seems that your wife's family hasn't transferred the shares to you so far, but it still occupies half of your company's shares!"

It was not a problem when you had a stable marriage with your wife. However, when your father-in-law died, he left all his property to his son, which means that half of your company now is in the hands of your brother-in-law instead of you! "

After that, Aardman's face turned from anger to pale.

"What do you want to say?"

"By the way, who is the biggest beneficiary in Bernier's death? Now you have no son to inherit the company, so who will be the CEO in the future? "


Aardman's face turned stormy. "Do you mean that Allen killed my son? Although he is the assistant of Bernier, he is my nephew. He won't be so cruel to him. Moreover, when Bernier died, he had the evidence to prove that he was not here. There were sev

what can I do if Aardman doesn't take actions? "

"Well, if he doesn't move, you can find a way to make him do it! Allen, that waitress is dead, but don't forget that the people who can prove that you didn't commit a murder are all in my hands. If they take a false charge against you, I can go back to be my vice president, and you will be charged with murder! "

Allen instantly did not dare to shout at him again. "We are all tied by the same rope. I will call my father right away to ask him to put pressure on Aardman and take Marcus's life as soon as possible!"

Although Carlos hadn't heard a satisfactory answer from Allen, he believed Allen would not dare to disobey his order as long as those men were under his control!

Hanging up the phone, he went to the French window. 'It is said that Marcus has found Cindy, which means that she is fine.'

When he stared at the dim lights in the villa in the distance, his cold eyes seemed to flash a touch of warmth because of those lights.

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