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   Chapter 165 The Heartless One Couldn't Be Hurt

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Cindy frowned. "Hugh, can't you hope something good happens to me? I'm alive and healthy. "

Hugh put down the medicine bottle and pressed the button to lie down on the bed.

"Really? Why are you lying here? Do you remember how many things happened before you died? "

His words sounded harsh to Cindy She tried to recall, but once she did, her head ached.

She vaguely remembered that she went to a party with Bob. 'Then what happened to Marcus?' Then

It hurts——

Her sight was in chaos, and she could hardly breathe. She held her head in pain.

"What's wrong?" Hugh asked worriedly.

"Murdering Marcus killed Bernier, and then... "

'What happened next?' She tried to recall but failed.

"Well, if you can't remember, then just forget it. You are poisoned!"

"Being poisoned? What happened? " Hearing what Hugh said, Cindy was even more confused.

"Yes, it's not a one-time poison. It's a kind of poison that needs to be extracted. I guess that the person who poisoned you is afraid of being discovered, so he did that. You are so lucky to meet me, a talented pharmacist! So you can survive."

The corners of Cindy's mouth lifted into a sardonic smirk. 'What an arrogant man!' thought she! But he was indeed a genius in medicine.

The man lifted her small chin up with his slender fingers. His fingers were beautiful, like the hands of a born pianist. Unfortunately, his hands were not used to play the piano, but to make some strange pills. There were medicine for saving people, and of course for killing people!

Cindy said that he was an unprecedented enchantress, because she didn't know how many people he would hurt in the future!

But she didn't know that she was the one he wanted to hurt most!

"Kitten, you owe me one life this time. What should I do?"

'She really owed me one life this time. Could I, the creditor, get what I want in justifiable way?'

"Yes, I owe you one more life."

Including the matter that happened five years ago, she really could not pay off his kindness.

The man gently touched her white face with his fingers. Although her face was very pale because of the poison, it didn't affect the enticement of the delicate face for the man at all.

"Do you want me to die twice in return for you? After all

me, Hugh's face darkened with anger. He wished he could kill him with his own hands when he thought of the child of Marcus.


He pursed his lips and looked at her. "Your poison has been lurking in your body for a long time. You should know that it may have infiltrated into your baby. If you insist on keeping this baby, you may not love him, but hurt him! Think it over! And the last thing I want to tell you is, little kitten. This kind of poison was newly developed, at most a few months before. Do you think the person who got the poison would be an ordinary person? His identity and status can be imagined. In addition, this poison should be taken orally in your daily food, so think about who would let you eat it so easily without being noticed! "

His words sent a chill down Cindy's spine. The man who spent with her the most was no other than Marcus!


"No, it can't be him!"

She tightly grasped Hugh's arm. "Didn't you say that he didn't want me to die?"

Hugh's body stiffened, and then he replied coldly, "Maybe he's afraid that one day he's not able to control you, so he decided to send you to death. This death method is quite clean. Even the forensic doctor is hard to find the cause of poisoning! "

The light in the eyes of Hugh became dimmer and dimmer. He looked at the undisguised pain on the face of the woman in front of him. He knew that she still cared about him. If she really let it go, how could she get hurt?

Only the heartless person couldn't be hurt!

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