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   Chapter 164 Wanted To See Him

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6405

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Seeing all his moves, "Cindy" knew he was suffering more and more.

But at this moment, that strange man let those women dance again.

This was not an ordinary dance. This…

Even she could not control herself when seeing this.

"Cindy" tried to stop them for several times, but the stranger at the other end was staring at her with warning in his eyes. She dared not to move anymore.

"Mr. Marcus, don't hold on."

A few seconds later, the strange man noticed that Marcus seemed to have reached his limit. A victorious smile crept up his face. "Mr. Marcus, if you succeed, so what? What you have done also hurts this woman's heart. "

Marcus looked at "Cindy". He knew how painful she felt. He pretended to be in love with Emma, so Cindy must hate him.

But that was different. He just wanted to protect her. But now in front of a strange man and these people, he could not hurt her.

Only he knew how proud and stubborn she was in fact!

"I won't lose, even if I die today!"

Marcus sneered. He picked up the wine glass on the ground and cut it off.

It seemed that "Cindy" had sensed something. Before she said something, a deep roar sounded in the air——

She didn't expect that Marcus stabbed the cup straight into his thigh.

Immediately, the whole room was full of the smell of blood. Even the dancing women were scared to scream and run away.

"Cindy" was shocked and her teeth chattered, "Marcus..."

She ran to him and pressed her hand on his bleeding wound. Instantly, the blood had seeped through her fingers.

The pain calmed him down. He looked at the strange man and said, "I told you I would never lose!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and went limp, as if he had been worn out by the torture and the injury on his legs.

The voice of "Cindy" was trembling, "Marcus, don't scare me. Wake up..."

She kept shaking his body, and even the strange ma

beam of dazzling light shone into her eyes, and it was dazzling. Her eyes ached and she closed them subconsciously.

"My kitten, you wake up!"

When an evil male voice sounded again, she opened her eyes again, and there was a shadow covering above her head. The enchanting, handsome face was just in front of her.

His black hair, ice blue eyes, with the gene of Asia and European in his bloodline, made him so beautiful that no one could take his eyes away from him.

"Hugh." Her voice was so weak that she was startled. 'How could it be like this?'

"Kitten, don't speak now. Take the medicine."

Hugh raised his hand and pressed a button on the head of the bed, and instantly the first half of the bed had been slowly raised.

Cindy moved her mouth, and then a straw was put into her mouth. The cold liquid felt so comfortable while drinking, just like what she drank in her dream.

Her dry throat was moistened, and her body seemed to gradually have more strength.

"What happened? How did I come back? "

She was still wandering, remembering that she was on the island in the Southern City. 'How could I return to Hugh's place in such a short time?'

"You didn't come back. I went to see you. I didn't expect to see your corpse when I just arrived!"

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