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   Chapter 162 The Gambling Game

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6237

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"Wait, Mr. Marcus."

When Marcus was about to run to her, he was stopped by an arm.

He glanced at the man standing in his way for a few seconds. Then he walked to the sofa aside slowly, with his legs crossed and in an indifferent manner.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

A faint smile appeared on Marcus's lips, but the anxiety and coldness in his eyes couldn't be concealed.

When he received this man's call just now, he even wanted to crush him.

Andy didn't let him come alone not because he was afraid of his safety, but that he couldn't save Cindy!

So, even if he had to risk his life, he would take Cindy out.

The man's handsome face was tightened, and his deep eyes were filled with the light of vulture.

Hearing someone call her name, "Cindy" looked up and saw him in black suit lazily leaning against the sofa. His eyes were as deep as the sea, as if to suck in all the people who were looking at him.

"Marcus, why are you here?"

She said after hesitating for a while.

'They tricked Marcus into coming here. But would this man take risks for me?'

Before "Cindy" had any reaction, the man on the other side suddenly had taken her under control. At the same time, several men in black suit came in from the door, who stood in a row, watching her and Marcus.

"Excuse me? Sir... "

Marcus shifted his attention from "Cindy". Her words made him feel strange, but soon the abnormality in his heart disappeared. He looked at the strange man again, confirming that he had not seen him before.

"Your woman!" The stranger chuckled and cast a glance at "Cindy" directly.

His words shocked the woman! Marcus's fingers that flipped on his kneel stopped.

"My woman? You mean You want my woman? " Marcus raised his eyebrows. There was coldness in his eyes.

"What? Is my information wrong? As far as I know, Mr. Marcus doesn't c

en flowed down along his handsome face.

He never felt that time was so long, and a second felt like a century. Marcus felt that his body seemed to be bitten by thousands of insects, as if being devoured little by little.

But he took off all his clothes except for his shirt. The collar line was torn off, and the originally flat trousers were wrinkled due to the pain.

He would go crazy if things went on like this!

"I think It's time to find some beauties to please Mr. Marcus. "

With a playful smile on his face, the man pressed the button of the call button. In a short while, several coquettish and hot women came in.

"Cindy" widened her eyes as she watched the scene that the woman rushed towards Marcus, like the one she had seen in the TV drama.

"Who can let Mr. Marcus have sex with you? I'll pay you double tonight."

The strange man, who had a desire to stir up trouble, snorted and doubled his chips.

Those women heard him and wanted to rip Marcus off.


"Cindy" couldn't bear it, but how could those women hear what she said?

"Tell them to stop. Just tell me what you want!"

"Cindy" suddenly roared at a strange man who was watching the scene. It was not a bet, but a deliberate torture!

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