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   Chapter 161 Why Did She Fall In Love With You

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"What did you say? Cindy was kidnapped? Who? Make it clear! "

Olivia's voice was trembling, like a trotter pressed down Marcus's heart.

He kept reminding himself to calm down, but that was impossible for him.

"We went back after dinner, but on the way, Cindy suddenly felt dizzy, so I helped her sit down on the chair to have a rest. But she was in a bad condition. She was not only dizzy, but also seemed to be confused. I was just about to call you, but..."

When she recalled that scene, her heart was still fluttering with fear. She grasped Alex's collar more tightly.

Alex held her in his arms and patted her back gently.

"It's all right now. I believe that Cindy will be all right!"

He knew she was frightened. She had been in a trance since he found her.

Comforted by Alex, Olivia slowly calmed down and looked up at Marcus.

"Unexpectedly, two men appeared behind me. They covered my mouth with a cloth. Before long, I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I found myself on that deserted island, and Cindy was gone."

"Marcus, we've searched the whole island, but we didn't find her, not even a footprint! By the time we got there, the tide had been rising, and even the traces had been washed away by the sea! "

Bob, who was standing aside, also clenched his fists.

"Why did she feel dizzy? Don't you remember what you had for dinner? "

Marcus had a sagacious look in his eyes.

Everyone was shocked at this moment. They all looked at Olivia.

"We have the same food, but she eats much less than me. We all ate. "

Olivia knew what he wanted to say, but it was impossible, because she had tasted all the food.

"Check it! No clues could be missed! Including Cindy's cup! "

At his order, Maurice went to assign tasks.

Then, Andy also ordered his men.

"Go and find Cindy! No matter inside or outside, at every corner, even if you dig the whole island, you must find her at all costs! "

arranged everything here. Even if you bring your men all in, you may not be able to win. What's more, I have your beloved woman! "

"Hello Who are you? "

Beep, beep

Before Marcus could finish, the person on the other end of the line hung up.

"Did you get any news on Cindy? Where is she? "

Andy, Bob and the others surrounded Marcus, but he didn't say a word. Without taking a look at them, he went straight to his car.

In a room of the hotel, the woman on the bed opened her eyes slightly, and a beam of light forced her to close them a few times.

"You woke up?"

She raised her head and saw a man standing in front of her.

"Why did you kidnap me?"

"Don't worry. You'll know in a minute." The man put the glass gently to his mouth, took a sip and smiled lightly.

"Bang -"

Suddenly, the door of the room was kicked open.

As a gust of wind blew in, she then could see the face clearly. For a moment, she seemed to be frozen.

'What a magical man he is!

Is he Marcus?'

At this moment, the woman had no more worries. And she didn't regret choosing this place! 'Will this man belong to me?'

The woman on the bed calmed down in an instant after her excitement.


And the man on the other side also called out her name affectionately!

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