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   Chapter 160 Cindy Was Kidnapped

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After he saw Marcus walk out of the villa, Carlos disappeared in the darkness.

Holding the cocktail in his hand, Emma sat leisurely on the beach chair. The current news was not what she wanted. She was waiting for the result!

Everything was going as she had expected. The poison inside Cindy's body was thoroughly triggered, and even if her body was found in the end, no one would find that she had tampered with it!

Because the poison lure had been given to her and Miranda the moment she sent food to Cindy. The next one who would be poisoned was Miranda!

While she was having a sweet dream with her eyes slightly closed, a gust of cold wind came from behind suddenly.

The cold voice was like from the hell.

"Emma, how dare you!"

Although she had expected that this man would come to find her sooner or later, and she had already come up with a solution, her body was still uncontrollably trembling.

"It's not convenient to talk here." The more Clyde wanted to get out of the room, the more severely he gripped his hand.

"What are you doing, Carlos? What if someone sees us?"

"Ah Now all the people have gone to find Cindy. Will anyone notice you? " The man smiled coldly.

He dragged Emma into the coconut forest by force.

"It hurts "Put me down, Carlos. It hurts."

"Tell me! Did you do it? How dare you disobey my order! I have told you not to hurt her now! " The man withdrew his hand, but turned to pinch her neck.

Suddenly, Emma couldn't breathe, and her face became more and more flushed.

"You... Do you want to kill me? Why? For that woman? Don't forget that only when I marry Marcus can I inherit his fortune! Then you can take them away from me! "

The more tightly Carlos pinched her neck, the more fiercely Emma felt that she was dyin

know my relationship with Carlos. It's a secret that can't be told until I die.'

"What about your wound?"

"Help me to the restroom and buy me some medicine. Emma ordered, looking at Tom.

The man thought for a while and decided to do as she said.


The man's face darkened as he stood on the beach. His eyes were as cold as ice. He looked more depressed as the sea breeze blew.

"Master, the yacht is coming here."

One of his subordinates ran to report to him.

The man frowned, turned around and ran towards the yacht.

Everyone's attention was attracted to the sea. A few yachts were speeding over. When Marcus saw the person above them, he immediately ran over and his eyes swept across them.


"Where is Cindy? Alex? "

Looking at the woman who was still in Alex's arms and hadn't recovered from fear for a long time, Marcus took a step forward, tightly grabbed her arm and shook it. "Olivia, where is Cindy?"


It seemed that Olivia had some sudden reaction when she heard "Cindy". She shivered and moved closer to Alex, tears rolling down uncontrollably.

"Alex, Cindy is missing. I can't find her. She... She was kidnapped!"

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