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   Chapter 158 Everyone Was Selfish

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It was a silent night.

Inside the mansion of the Qin Family, with a livid face, Ken kept pounding on the door. The floor was a mess. He had smashed almost all the things that he could smash.

"Open the door! I want to go out!"

He thumped the door with his fist to vent the anger rising in his chest.

"Mr. Ken, please don't be so angry. We dare not open the door for you without our master's order. You just stay inside and wait for tomorrow morning."

Two men in suits stood on both sides of the door separately, guarding the door from being opened by others.

"You bastard! What else can I do tomorrow? It's too late. Say it again. Open the door! "

Ken kicked the door angrily! 'Damn it!'

He turned around to look at his locked window, his veins standing out on his forehead.

He didn't expect that his grandfather ordered people to drug him in order to lock him up and prevent him from going out to look for Cindy.

'Damn! Cindy, I hope you will be fine!'

He beat and kicked the door for a while, but it didn't open. Suddenly, he lowered his head, leaned against the door and slowly slid to the ground.

When he saw the debris of the vases on the ground, he wore a weird smile.

"Dad, there is no news about Cindy. But… Marcus went out without permission. "

Tim trotted all the way into the villa with a satisfied smile on his face.

Looking at the smile on his face, Arthur felt relieved and delighted. 'It seems that things go well.'

"Dad, this time, Marcus has crossed the line. He won't stay in the Southern City forever. Aardman will come here tomorrow. By then, the Huo Family won't be able to stay in the city anymore. Dad, the era of our family is coming! "

A big smile spread across Tim's face.

"It's the right time to be happy. Vincent is still useful. He has lived up to my expectations. Send someone to take his mother back. That woman is useless for us anyway. "

Arthur gazed at Tim, a gleam of satisfaction flashing across his eyes. Everything was going on according to their expectation. Now that the matter had come to an end, they didn'

was framed by someone. By the time he arrived there, Bernier had already died. And the murderer was the waitress. But I guess that she is probably dead now. "

The tall man thought it would take Vincent a long time to answer such a question.

But he didn't expect that he would answer him without hesitation when he just finished his words, and he was even so sure about it, which made him a little stunned.

"Sir, how do you know it? You got a part in this too? "

"Although I was not involved, I knew it from the beginning to the end!"

"What did you say? Sir, do you know that you have always been my model and I have been watching you moving forward? Why did you do this? "

The tall man slammed his hands and slapped against the table. His eyes flashed a trace of pain, and he looked at the man opposite with his brows tightly wrinkled.

Although he had prepared for the result just now, he still couldn't accept it when hearing it in person.

"Well It's just because of my selfishness. No one in this world lives for others. They only live for themselves. So, when your own interest is damaged, you will have no time to mind others' business. "

Vincent took a deep look at him. When he saw his upright face, an expression of complex gratification flashed across his eyes.

'I can't be as honest and selfless as him, and I don't deserve to be a good police for the people.'

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