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   Chapter 155 Loved Him So Much

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7325

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Emma cried out, she fell down from him. She grabbed the coat she had taken off and wrapped it around herself hurriedly.

Just as she was shouting, the bodyguards who were guarding outside the door started to rush in. Emma was so shocked that she had no place to hide but to rush into the bathroom nearby.

With a wave of his hand, he ordered to the bodyguards to step back. Then he rose and walked towards the French windows. He opened the glass door to the garden, smiling.

"What? Do you like it? Are you in a good mood?"

He didn't care that his clothes were already in a mess when he stood in front of Cindy casually.

Cindy pouted. She didn't expect to see such a scene when she came to look for Carlos.

Although it was an accident, she didn't feel surprised.

After putting on her clothes and walking out of the bathroom, Emma bit her lower lip and her heart was in a mess.

Would she tell Marcus as she was seen by Cindy?

"Get out!" Emma knew that he was referring to herself. She took a glance at Cindy secretly, then ran out of the room quickly.

'I think he will take care of Cindy!' She thought.

"You want to see me?" Carlos fixed his eyes on the woman in front of him.

She didn't like being so close to him. Cindy stepped back.

"I just passed by here and didn't expect..."

Although she didn't know much about Carlos and only thought he was a gloomy man, she didn't expect him to do such a thing.

Her red lips curved. She looked at the man in front of her with a faint smile.

"It's exciting for you to sleep with someone else's woman. Right?"

Maybe she shouldn't have come to see him, but she just couldn't make up her mind. She didn't expect to see Emma coming this way.

So she followed him in and did not go to the front door. She was surprised to see this scene.

Taking a step forward, Carlos continued, "It's better to have a try. Let's see whether it's exciting or not." He lowered his head, and his lips were so close to hers.

Cindy turning her face away quickly. "I don't belong to anyone."

Behind her was the wall. There was no way back. She turned and wanted to leave the reach of the man. Unexpectedly, his arm was first a

inge pain shoot in her heart, Emma was hurt by her cynical gaze. It was as if she was a slut.

How could Cindy hold herself aloof and lead a comfortable life in the world? Then she would be bullied by others around!"

She clenched her hand so hard that her fingernails pierced into the flesh. She swore to herself secretly that no matter how much she had paid, she would definitely climb to the top and then trample on those who dared to insult her!

"I came to you because of Marcus. You can stay away from him, but I can't! I want to save the man I love, even at the cost of my own body! Whether you will tell Marcus this or not, as long as he can be safe, I will have no regret! I know you won't believe me even if I tell you that and even mocked me in your heart. But that's it. Do whatever you want! "

Her body trembled a little, and Cindy looked thoughtfully at the woman in front of her.

There might be various reasons. Maybe it was because Emma was more fickle, or she was interested in Carlos' present position, but it never occurred to her that she was really doing it for Marcus!

It took a lot of determination and courage for a woman to prove her innocence for a man!

This thought blocked Cindy's chest and her throat was dry. She couldn't say a word for a long time.

"I know you hate me. But this time, I hope you can help me!" Emma looked at her determinedly. It seemed that she was willing to sacrifice everything for Marcus!

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