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   Chapter 147 Mightiness!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7268

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His mind was filled with lots of thoughts. However, the woman in front of him dared to move or even took a step towards him to raise her head.

It seemed that she was waiting for him to do something to her.

Alex had already raised his hand, but he gritted his teeth. He had to admit that he... He lost.

In fact, he was not such a narrow-minded man, but he became messy when he met her.

He just thought, why couldn't she be a little obedient? Why didn't she surrender and put in a good word for him?

He had already put down his hand, but she was still unyielding, and confidently said to him, "Didn't you want to hit me? Why didn't you do it? You've done all the evil and disgusting things, except for beating women. Now you just do it! Your life will be complete if I give you a slap."

Alex was choked by her words, and was speechless. He thought, 'ha! It's complete.'?

It was not until now that he realized how despicable he was in her heart!


While they were at stalemate, a sudden cough at the door broke the deadlock.


They turned around at the same time and saw a smiling woman, whose eyes were fixed on them. It seemed that Cindy was watching a good show.

Cindy gave Olivia a thumbs up sign.

"Olivia, well done!"


A glint of shyness flashed across Olivia's eyes.

She realized that she went too far in front of Cindy.

Alex just frowned a little, and then his expression returned as usual, slightly reducing the previous tension. "Cindy, you are so diligent in the early morning!"

Although he said it, in his mind, he felt lucky that she appeared at the right time. Otherwise, he really didn't know how to deal with the situation just now. It was close...

Cindy didn't say a word. But when she saw that Olivia was fine, she was also happy.

"Olivia, you can't leave me alone today. Let's go out together."


But Cindy was stopped by Alex.

"What? Don't you already have that mixed blood girl? Why do you keep Olivia?"

Said Cindy deliberately, glancing at him.

"Cindy, what are you talking about?"

"Hey, Alex, don't play dumb? You are making the headlines again today, with that A

denied it immediately. "Who is jealous?"

"You! You are jealous. I have told you that if you want to get my favor, then you should take good care of yourself and become more adorable. Have you ever heard of any man who is interested in the female Yaksha? Really, be a little smarter. People always say that girl with the large breasts has less intelligence. You don't have large breasts, but why are you also so brainless?"

Alex felt great to see her like this.

And the little woman was completely irritated. What did he mean? Was he satirizing her for not only her breasts were small, but also her stupid?

"Am I stupid? That means there are something wrong with you. I have no breast or brain. Why do you hold me tight all the time? Either you admit that you are shameless, or you admit that you have a mental problem! "


"Ahem, ahem, ahem..."

The strange cough again interrupted their quarrel.

"Well... Olivia, my... I'd better go to find Abbie to stay with me. You two go on, continue... "

Startled, Olivia's face turned red immediately. Oh, my God! What did she say just now in front of Cindy? She was talking nonsense!

She was mad at him. It was so humiliating. She just felt that she couldn't face others anymore!

Seeing that Cindy was leaving, she stopped her.

"Don't go, Cindy. I'll go with you..."

She didn't want to argue with this man any more.

"Olivia Lu, how dare you step out of this door?"

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