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   Chapter 145 The Baby Would Get Hurt

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This time, she opened her mouth and looked at the man in a panic. They couldn't be seen like this!

Marcus looked around the bedroom and brought her to the closet.

As soon as the door of the closet was closed, a figure entered the room from outside.

Obviously, he was an uninvited guest. He stared at the empty bed for a long time and murmured, "Where is she?"

Then the man turned around and lay on the bed. The wardrobe was made of hand-made bamboo on the island. Through the gap, Cindy saw clearly who had broken into her room. It was Bernier!

Marcus also saw Bernier. Remembering that they danced earlier, he pinched the waist of Cindy as punishment.

He said this man was scum, and she dared to speak to him! A man who sneaked into a woman's room at late night could not be a gentleman.

Then Cindy stared back at him. 'It was not I that found something to do with Bernier. Why could he accuse me?'

They were silently fighting against each other in the wardrobe!

Marcus lowered his head and kissed her ear gently. From time to time, his tongue brushed against her body. Cindy pushed the man on top of her with all her strength. He became more unscrupulous because he knew she wouldn't make a sound in this situation. Especially he chose her most sensitive part.

His lips extended along her neck all the way, making her whole body tremble. That feeling instantly rushed to her limbs. Her small hand tightly gripped his shoulder. She couldn't let him succeed, but she couldn't make any sound.

She hated those two men very much now. If there were no men outside, how could she be so passive?

On the other hand, Marcus was in a better mood than he had ever been before. This woman had never been so obedient since she came back.

Then he began to feel sexual urge inside his body. His big hand then reached down along her back.

She could feel his breath on her ear. "Cindy..." His voice is affectionate.

Cindy's face flushed scarlet. She bit her lips tightly and dared not to make any sound.

His hand was fonder. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. Once again, she gnashed her teeth toward his shoulder.

Bernier tapped his f


Her breath also gradually disordered, but her reason still told her not to do so.

"Why not find Emma? She is your fiancee." She gritted her teeth.

"Cindy, you are my only woman!" He hugged her more tightly and clenched his teeth with anger.

"Then she is also your fiancee!"

"Cindy, do you mind this? That means you still care about me and love me, right? Cindy, I love you. I only love you! "

His heart suddenly trembled. He pulled her head, kissed her eyebrows and whispered.

A lump came into Cindy's throat. 'He loved me? Then why did he kill my parents? And why was he engaged to another woman?'

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. 'Didn't he ask me to help him? Fine!'

She stared at him coldly and reached out her hands to him.


When the first ray of morning sun shone into the window, Olivia was woken up by a noise outside her bedroom.

She felt her throat was dry, so she moved her body but had no strength at all.

Shaking her head, she began to recall what had happened yesterday.

She recalled how cruel Alex was to Cole. Then she was brought here by the driver, and saw Cindy, Alex and the model.

Then she ran to the balcony outside alone, and somehow fell asleep there.

But now

She sat up all of a sudden, supported her body with her hands, and walked towards the door.

When she walked out of the bedroom and found the source of the sound, she was stunned.

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