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   Chapter 142 The Prelude To A Storm

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Marcus was sitting upright on his chair with an unreadable look in his eyes.

He didn't answer Andy's question, but fixed his eyes on the old man with a wicked smile on his face.

"Mr. Marcus, please have a look."

The man with the gift in his hands respectfully handed it to Marcus. Even though he lowered his eyes, the two men still noticed his expression.

Looking at the triumphant expression on his face, Alex wished he could give him a few punches right now.

'It's clearly that their life was threatened. Did he just cover up that big deal with a present?

At the same time, everyone's eyes fell on the gift that was covered by a red cloth.

For him, it would be an indignity to refused to take the gift now. What's more, if he had to take a stand against the Qin Family, which would be very disadvantageous to the Huo Family both in the business circle of Southern City and in any other places.

If he accepted it, it meant that Marcus wanted to make friends with the Qin Family. He had to let it go.

It was so quiet in the hall that even the sound of tip of a needle falling on the ground could be heard at this moment. When the smile on the face of old man from the Qin Family was about to freeze, there was suddenly a slight sneer in the hall.

It was Marcus's voice. Looking at the stunned look on the man's face who was holding a gift in front of him, a flash of mockery flashed across his eyes. 'How dare a mere subordinate be so arrogant in front of me?' he thought.

"Maurice, since it's Mr. Arthur's good intention, why don't you just accept it? By the way, you can reveal the red cloth. Everyone is looking forward to it."

Then he turned to look at Arthur with a bigger smile.

"Mr. Arthur spent a lot of money on this present. I'm embarrassed to accept it."

Marcus snorted inwardly, 'is he trying to embarrass me by enraging him?'

However, he could have taken the gift first and then deal with him.

"Thank you, Mr. Marcus. As long as you like it, it doesn't matter."

There was a flicker of anger in Arthur's eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. The smile on his face was genial and friendly.

The atmosphere on the stage seemed to be heated up because of the interaction between the tw

talked to him.

"Nr. Arthur, it's not easy for my bro to have this chance. He was missing some time ago. He finally found a woman he wanted to marry. I can't reject him. What about you giving this gift to Miss Abbie?"

Although Marcus asked him in advance. However, Maurice had already sent the gifts to Andy and Abbie.

Arthur shifted his eyes from Marcus to Andy. When he spotted Abbie, he was a little surprised. For a moment, he felt the girl look familiar.

But he quickly came back to his senses and forced a smile on his face.

"Since it belongs to Mr. Marcus, it's up to you to decide how to deal with it."

Finally, the disturbance caused by the gift gradually subsided, and everyone's eyes returned to the Qin Family.

Marcus! 'Don't be complacent too early. Since you are here, this time I'd like to see if you can get out of here safely as you did last time!'

Arthur clenched his fists and tried to control his emotions. A wicked smile appeared on his wrinkled face.

He gestured to his son, Tim, who had been standing there the whole time. "Would you like to introduce Vincent to everyone?" Then, he wore a smile on his face again, and looked at Vincent, who was quietly standing downstairs. "Vincent, come with your father. Let us know you... My grandson is already the director of the police station at such a young age."

His old face was full of pride, which made Ken standing in the corner fall into a trance. Well, this time he was completely abandoned!

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