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   Chapter 141 They Are Stubborn

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"Olivia --"

Hearing this, Cindy shook off Marcus's hand and rushed towards Olivia.

Olivia froze at first, then walked faster.

The two of them walked into the hall one after the other. When she saw the pair of gorgeous men and women, she felt her blood frozen and her breath stagnated.

'Everyone with a discerning eye would expect them to be together since they have made such an appearance and such an intimate relationship.'.

When she finally came back to her senses, the first thing she wanted to do was to leave.

To her surprise, she was seen by Marcus and then she heard the voice of Cindy.

"Olivia, Olivia... Don't go!"

Cindy shouted at her and pushed through the crowd.

Just then, Olivia was dragged by a hand.

"Olivia, don't leave. Come with me. I'll introduce you a great man, gentle and considerate. He is nothing like the kind of playboy who likes to show off! Who cares about that man who likes to show off? "

She glared at the two men angrily.

"Cindy, I... I want to go to the washroom. I really need to go now."

She really didn't want to see that man right now. Besides, she saw Bob.

After all, there was something between the two families. Although others didn't say anything about it, but...

"Olivia, My brother is back. And we haven't seen each other for a long time. You should say hello to him, shouldn't you?"

"I, I will be there soon."

At the same time, Olivia got rid of her hand when Cindy was not paying attention. She didn't know which direction she was heading for, but anyway she wanted to leave here first.

"Your Bunny is leaving?"

He caught a glimpse of the fleeing back of Olivia and smiled back at him.

Alex followed his gaze, and a small figure flashed in his eyes.

"No matter how hard she try, it's just a small area. How can she get out?"

After saying that, he turned to look at Andy. "You're finally back? Huh... Let me tell you, you are so lucky! "

"It has been seven years... What are you doing? Haven't you given up yet?"

Instead of answering his question, Andy asked.

Hearing this, Bob was dumbfounded with his eyes wide open. He got tongue-tied

"Is she really Olivia?"

"Alex! Are you a man or not? How could you hu

at do you think? I still have some gifts for you. Do you like them? "

Arthur raised his hand, and those who had been waiting for him walked towards them with gifts in their hands.

All of a sudden, Marcus and the others became the focus of the crowd.

But both of Marcus and Cindy had a cold look on their faces.

"Have you found the scapegoat?" Hearing his words, Cindy sneered.

Arthur staged a show in front of so many people, they had to consider their position and occasion before they could react.

Suddenly, Cindy thought of the note that Ken gave her.

It read, "be careful!"

She didn't know what he meant, but even if he didn't say anything, she knew that this banquet wouldn't be as simple as it looked!

"You old fox, you are clearly a Villain!" Alex gritted his teeth.

Last time on the viaduct and at the last explosion, he was scared to death.

"Humph, even if Ken is replaced, they really think they can do everything they want?"

Although he hadn't been through what had happened last time, he couldn't believe that the Qin Family dared to do anything to her sister. Besides, Abbie was also involved!

Andy wouldn't let it go. His eyes were full of coldness and he glared at Arthur who was on the stage.

"Mr. Marcus, they've already sent you gifts. Are you going to take them? Or refuse them? "

Andy looked at Marcus and asked.

At the same time, everyone's eyes were fixed on Marcus. They were all waiting for what would happen next!

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