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   Chapter 139 She Was Angry

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A lonely figure appeared in front of them. Ken was holding a goblet in his hand, which surprised them a little.

Just now, he wanted to walk outside the party room, because his father would introduce Vincent proudly to everyone at the beginning of the party.

His father was never a loyal person. That was why his mother died…

Oh, just one thing. He, who had always been regarded as the eldest grandson of the Qin Family, was about to become its second grandson overnight.

'Second young master?' The title reminded him of Bob.

He couldn't help but take a look at Bob, wondering how he felt when he saw his beloved woman with another man.

Anyway, it was not easy for Ken to accept the fact that his identity changed from the eldest grandson of the Qin Family to the second grandson.

But no one in the Qin Family cared about it. They only care about their own interests.

"Mr. Qin, if you don't want to die, you'd better leave here as soon as possible!"

A hint of coldness flashed in Marcus's eyes. When he saw the depression on Ken's face, he was a little surprised. 'Even Ken, who was once arrogant in the Southern City, would behave like this?'

As soon as he heard Marcus's words, Ken quickly forced a smile. When he raised his head, his eyes were filled with pretended cruelty.

"I didn't expect our family to be this influential. Mr. Marcus is here, Why are you so nervous about my coming? "

Ken then took another sip.

Hearing the name "Ken", Cindy was rigid and turned her head quickly.

She glared at the man in front of her and questioned, "How did you come out of the prison?"

In contrast to his hostility against Marcus, Ken's face was visibly softened. But he choked on her words. "What did you say? Wasn't he always in prison? You can go to see him if you don't believe me. But you should at least have a look. After all, he is your enemy. "

Ken took another sip and smiled.

"Ken, do

ob. Why do you have things to do with Bernier?"

The man's low voice came from the top of her head. Then Cindy's heart missed a beat, but she felt suffocated. When she spoke out, her tone changed.

"It's none of your business. I remember you have Emma too? Besides, it's just a dance. Please take care of your fiancee! "

Perhaps at this moment, Cindy didn't know how jealous she was just now.

Marcus was speechless. "Bernier is worse than Ken! You'd better keep away from such a person! "

Hearing this, Cindy sneered, "Oh, really? Please forgive me for not recognizing it. I think he's quite good. And I've heard that his father is the boss of the biggest oil refining factory around the world. If I see him, it may be good! "

She decided to behave against him. After all, they were in public. She didn't think that he would do something to her!

Marcus gritted his teeth and said. "Remember, you are pregnant!"

When the second pat was over, Cindy was replaced to the next companion.

However, just as everyone was immersed in the beautiful music, there was a sudden scream at the door of the venue.

The crowd on the dance floor looked towards the door, and so did Cindy.

When she finally saw the familiar figure, her heart could almost jump out of excitement.

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