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   Chapter 138 She Must Die!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7000

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"Cindy, why are you here?"

As soon as Marcus and Maurice finished talking, Marcus saw a familiar figure among the crowd.

He walked towards her with a gloomy face. When he saw her holding Bob's arm intimately, he furrowed his brows.

He pulled Cindy to his side. "Take a rest there. You can't walk now. And Maurice will drive you back later."

In the crowd, Marcus could even feel that someone's gaze was fixed on her. That was the way a hunter was looking for his prey. He would never let anything happen to her again, and their baby!

"Why can't I be here? Are you afraid that my appearance will destroy the relationship between you and Emma, or are you afraid that I will grab any evidence of yours? Since I'm here, no one can take me away from here if I don't want to! Let's give it a try, Marcus! "

Then, she tried to bypass him and go back to Bob, but her arm was grabbed by him.

"Cindy, be obedient!"


She looked into his eyes stubbornly, and then, she saw a figure in a green dress not far away flashed in front of her, and then hid behind a pillar. Her lips gradually raised and her face was filled with sneer.

"I'm sorry. Emma has seen us. Didn't you just tell me to take a rest? Fine, I want to eat something. You don't want your child to be hungry, do you? "

The implication in her words was obvious, which was to let him bring her desserts.

She didn't know how she was feeling, but she was in a good mood when she saw Emma's angry face.

Marcus sighed slightly and said nothing. He took her hand and walked towards the rest area.

At the sight of this, Bob rushed to catch up with them.

Standing behind the pillar, Emma looked at their hands clasping together. Her surrounding blood was boiling and burning.

Especially when she saw Marcus help her to taste the desserts and fed them to her lips carefully, she wished she could cut Cindy into pieces to vent her hatred!

And those debutantes also began to gossip.

"Who do you think Mr. Marcus is with now? He was going to get engaged to Emma, but Cindy suddenly showed up. He came here

r most was the Qin Family!

"Why is he here?"

All of a sudden, Cindy caught a glimpse of a man, who looked so arrogant. She would have stood up from the chair if she were caught by Marcus.

Cindy said coldly. "Isn't he in jail? Why is he here? "

"Yes, I just got the news that he has come out of the detention center, and Vincent is also here."

Before Marcus could finish his sentence, Vincent had already walked into the hall. He smiled so broadly that the smile on his face was blossoming.

"Ken was released so easily? How come? "

"So you know how complicated the situation is now? Besides, Cindy, I don't want to lie to you. There are not only the Qin Family, but also many people in the dark. Even if you ignore yourself, you have to think about the baby in your belly, okay? "

"I said I will give you an answer for whatever you want to know. Could you please listen to my words and go back?"

Marcus coaxed her again.

"What about my brother? My brother might be here tonight. I have to see him! "

Cindy raised her head and looked into the man's eyes. His eyes were full of worry and tenderness.

His big hands held her little hands tightly. The warmth went into her palms little by little, and she had a sense of trust that she was most familiar with.

However, this warm moment did not last long.

Because there was a man whom they didn't expect to meet.

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