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   Chapter 136 The Party

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A car was quietly driving on the road, with its beautiful tail stirring layers of water.

Olivia could not forget the bloodthirsty look in his eyes just now.

She felt that his reason was almost burning to ashes at that time.

But in the end, he grabbed her arm and let go of Cole.

On the way, neither of them spoke again. Looking at the rain outside the window, Olivia hoped that Cole wouldn't come to her again after this time.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a private club.

Alex got off the car, and then she followed.

He did not say anything to her, and she did not ask either.

It was not until she was taken to the bathroom and got dressed like a doll that she realized that they were going to a party.

'Why did he bring me with him to the party?'

She is just his toy. She is a woman who knows nothing about his world and wasn't even a mistress of him. How could she go to the banquet with him in public?

It was so ridiculous?

However, Alex didn't care about her thought at all. He just quietly sat on the sofa behind her, waiting for her to finish making up.

After everything was ready, he stood up and said coldly to her.

"I'll send you to the hotel when we finish. I guess Cindy will go as well. She can take care of you. Is that okay for you?"

She raised her eyelids and saw the tall figure of the man behind her in the mirror.

It was hard to tell whether he was happy or sad from his face.

Looking at the man through the mirror, she did not answer. Whether she was willing or not, he had decided, hadn't he?

She said it was impossible for him to take her to the ball due to her identity. The reason why he took her to the ball was to monitor her! But she couldn't be seen as a female companion, so they had to separate first, right?

Noticing that Olivia kept silent, Alex could not help clenching his fists.

She could always trigger his anger.

He pursed his lips, suppressed his anger that was about to explode, glared at her, and turned away without hesitation, and then left angrily.

It was not until the man's cold figure completely disappeared from the

. As for... It's none of others' business. "

Who else could it be except Marcus she was referring to.

Bob nodded his head.

Since he could not take her away, he would try his best to protect her by all means. He would rather kill himself than let her get hurt!

The birthday party of Qin Family caused a sensation in the whole upper class of the Southern City. It was not a small matter for the heirs to return to the family. Moreover, almost all the upper class in the Southern City knew that Ken, the eldest grandson of Qin Family, was still imprisoned in the detention house. Naturally, they also knew the existence of Vincent.

But no matter how hard he tried, Mr. Arthur would never admit Vincent.

As for this party, the Qin Family not only invited celebrities from various fields, but also many famous families from foreign countries. They selected another island in the Southern City, which was as famous as Empire Hotel.

It was said that the banquet would last for three days and nights, which had gathered the largest number of guests from the business circle and other fields!

They came here not only to attend the banquet, but also to make friends with the heads from various fields. It was a good chance for they to make a deal.

"Cindy, are you ready? Let's get in."

As soon as Bob Bent his arm, Cindy put her arm on his. Looking at the guests' entry, she raised her lips slightly.

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