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   Chapter 134 I've Fallen In Love With Him At The First Sight

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7838

Updated: 2020-03-13 00:02

She trembled at the thought the man he was like a beast when he was angry.

Cole was too shocked to notice that he had released his grip on Olivia's hand.

He understood what he meant, but... How could Alex, an arrogant man, have connection with Olivia...

He looked at Alex first and then at Olivia. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't connect these two people who were not in the same world. He didn't even think about it.

But just now, this man had said it clearly that Olivia was his women!

It took a long time for Cole to find his voice back. Looking at Olivia, he said in a trembling voice.

"Olivia, what is..."

"Olivia? Wow, how close you are! "

Alex's face darkened as soon as Cole spoke, and his tone was filled with sarcasm.

"Cole, can't you understand? Didn't I tell you to get out of here? You don't have to ask anything. What you saw is the truth! Look at him from head to toe, do you think you can compare with him? So... That's why we broke up. If you don't want to humiliate yourself any more, you should leave now!"

Looking at Alex's cold eyes, Olivia clenched her teeth. Before the man had lost his temper, she would throw out her harsh words.

After saying that, she looked up at Alex obediently. The way he looked at Alex was completely different from how she looked at Cole just now.

Olivia smiled sweetly and spoke softly.

"Honey, come on in! It's raining cats and dogs!"

Her words and deeds all revealed their intimate feelings. Hearing her words, Cole's face turned pale. This made Alex want to sneer!


How could she call him like that!

She had been cold and hard to approach for him these days.

What's going on now?

'Did you think of him as an idiot or a monkey who is being played around by others? '?

Did she try to muddle through this time? Huh...

Alex squinted at her and thought, 'look how charming her smile is! How gentle the tone is!'

In order not to make him more difficult, she put on such a flattered look?

She never treated him like this when they were together. She even ignored him!

But now, she even tried to flatter him and play cute for another man. How could he believe that?

Alex's heart was burning with fury, but there was a word of Olivia that came to his heart, that was, how could that man compete with him?

No, he wa


Her hand was drenched by the rain outside the car and was cold. He didn't want to let her, so he held her hand and prepared to get on the car.

As they clasped their hands, another hand appeared.

Although Alex was still angry, his mood was far less exciting than before.

Initially, Alex didn't want to talk to Cole anymore and went straight to his car. However, when he heard what Cole said, the fury burning in his eyes increased.

"You forced her, didn't you? Let me tell you, no matter how you try to force her, her heart will never be yours even if you are with her! She has never loved... "

"Ah --"

Before he could speak out the word "you", Cole's face was hit by a heavy elbow, and this time, he was pushed a few meters away.

"You're courting death!"

Alex said through gritted teeth without even turning his head. His handsome face was gloomy.

His other hand was still holding Olivia. She could feel that her hand was almost broken by his strength. But she dared not to shout even though it was painful.

Cole took a few steps backward and fell into the rain. Unwilling to give up, he wanted to stand up again, but now the security guards and Alex's followers swarmed up. He was in a terrible situation.

He was pressed in the mud, and his face and clothes were all dirty. He was pulled by those people and beat up by them, but he still wanted to rush over to Olivia.

He stood up again and again and fell over.

"No... Cole... "

At this moment, she could no longer sit still, and she could no longer play the play.

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