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   Chapter 130 I Am Waiting For You

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"Excuse me, are you Miss Olivia?"

When Olivia opened the door, she saw a man in working clothes standing in front of her.

She was a little confused. "Yes, who are you?"

"Miss Olivia, Mr. Alex ordered this piano a few days ago. It took us some time to transport it to Southern City, and it just arrived today, so we sent it here. Miss Olivia, please sign here. "

Looking at the paper and the pen being handed to her, she frowned.

The piano... Was it ordered by that man?

She was unwilling to think that he booked it for her, or perhaps he did it just to make her look good or to amuse her. Because she is now his toy. Maybe he just wants to listen to music on a whim.

"Miss Olivia? Miss Olivia?"

"What? Okay."

She took the pen and signed her name.

The crew was skilled at it. Within a few minutes, the white piano was completely set up, adjusted and tuned the piano. Then they had Olivia to try it.

The piano timbre was quite nice, much better than that in that fancy restaurant. It had a clear and melodious sound. Only a few casually melodies were as intoxicating as the spring water.

After the staff had left, Olivia stared at the piano. Although Alex had gone too far, he kept his promise.

She heard from Cindy that Cole had been out of the police station. Then she felt relieved.

It was getting dark. Looking at the second hand on the clock ticking bit by bit, Olivia could not help but feel anxious.

Finally, there was a noise in the villa. She immediately stood up from the table and took a few steps outside, standing not far from the front door.

When he saw her, he was a little bit shocked, and then his eyes looked as usual.

At the sight of her, he pursed his lips with arrogance. His sharp featured face was like shaped by the line of a painter.

He stared at her and walked towards her.

Olivia's heart thumped faster. He suddenly stopped one meter away from her. He looked at her for a few seconds and then opened his demon like thin lips.

"What are you doing here?"

"I, I am waiting for

ut what he was thinking and feeling now, but being stared at by him made her uneasy.

Suddenly, he stood up and raised her chin with his fingers across the table. His warm finger moved slowly to her lips. The thumb seemed to be gently painting her lips, but her lips were trembling.

Finally, he laughed.

But at this moment, Olivia saw clearly that his smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, and his eyes were even more deep.

The gentler he was, the more shocked she was.

"So that's why you waited for me so eagerly and cotton up to me?"

His thin lips slowly opened and said in a seemingly casual tone, but there was obvious sarcasm in his tone.

"Olivia, are you so eager to call that man?"

He grabbed her chin hard with his fingers, and Olivia felt a sharp pain in her jaw, which made her frown.

She wanted to explain that it was not like what he thought, but he didn't give her a chance to speak at all.

In his eyes, everything she did was for the man named Cole!

Anger smoldered in Alex's eyes. His words were almost squeezed out of his teeth.

"Well, I can promise you! However... You know, you have to make me happy. If I'm are happy, maybe I will return your phone. Huh?"

Olivia wanted to shake her head to deny it, but she could only see a tall figure. In an instant, she was covered by him. She could not resist at all...

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