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   Chapter 129 I Would Rather Die Than Live Like This

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"Staying here or being imprisoned here? You're going to get engaged to Emma, aren't you? Then why don't you let me go? If you want a baby, you can have a baby with Emma! Why do you have to fetter me in this way? Or controlled my child's future? You are a monster! If you are a human, you shouldn't have done such a shameless thing. Aren't you afraid of being punished by God? "

"Cindy, I only want our baby, our baby! So, if you want to leave me... Or abort the baby, I... "

The man said in a cold voice, his face gloomy.

Looking into the eyes of Cindy, he threatened her word by word.

Damn it!

He didn't think so, but he just blurted it out like that.

"If you dare to have an abortion, there'll be costs! If you abandon one, I will make you pregnant again! If you do it twice, you will have another pair! "

Marcus' handsome face was full of tension, like an icy sword that could instantly pierce through the heart.

His words struck a chord in her heart. How could he say something like that.

In fact, he was so stubborn, so was she!

Didn't he know that she was also a person who didn't like to be threatened?

She would rather die than live like this!

Their eyes met. Neither of them stepped back, and they stared at each other for a minute.

However, the situation was not as serious as Cindy thought. One minute later, the man took her back to the bed and said indifferently.

"Cindy, you know me. Don't try to challenge me again. You just need to be obedient. When the time is right, I will give you a satisfactory reply!"

Without answering, he put her on the bed and tucked her in.

Her heart was totally broken. She couldn't get rid of him. She was surrounded by despair...

In this way, Cindy was completely isolated in the hospital. She couldn't even get out of the hospital.

Marcus not only ordered to clear up all the patients, but also hired world-class experts.

All these were quickly arranged. The previous bodyguards, along with the world-famous chefs and nutritionists, were all sent there just to serve Cindy alone.

After checking all the conditions, she realized that she was the only one patient left in this big hospital!

The s

ma, aren't they going to get engaged? He didn't need to prepare?

However, her struggle only provoked Marcus. He pulled Cindy into his arms again and said possessively.

"Don't leave me even half a step!"

His eyes were too bright for her to bear. With great anger, she replied, "I am not a child."

"But you are pregnant now!"

"You have to get my permission to go wherever you want to and to eat whatever you'd like, okay?"

He smiled instead of being angry when he saw that she turned her face away from him deliberately as if she didn't listen to him. "Honey, don't be so naughty, okay?"

His chuckle was like an old bell which had slept for thousands of years. It stroke on the heart of Cindy.

However, Cindy still ignored her. He raised her chin and said in a lower and softer voice.

"Cindy, what I do is all for your own good."


"Aha... For my own good? For the sake of my happiness, then you prison me here! " She suddenly sneered, with a hint of desolation on her lips.

"Now there are only you and your men around! I even can't get out of the hospital! My every move is under your watch! You're not doing this for my own good, Marcus! You imprison me! "

"I just want to ensure your safety!"

He sighed and put his coat on her shoulder and pulled her hair out of it with his big hand. He looked at her with extreme tenderness.

Cindy's eyes were filled with coldness.

"If I could leave you, I would be safe!"

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