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   Chapter 127 But You Are Not A Human!

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After a long while, Marcus asked, "When can she be transferred?"

For her health and their baby, he could not rest assured here.

The woman doctor looked at him. "Since you are so rich, why not buy some nourishment for your wife? Of course, if you insist on transferring, I will sign it without any condition. But I still want to say, take good care of her. It is not difficult to take care of a woman since you are an adult."

"Of course it's not difficult. Thank you, doctor. I will take care of her!"

This was the first time he had been so co-operative with a doctor.

The woman doctor hummed as she saw his good attitude. She quickly filled the prescription and handed it to him.

"Here are some nutritious meals for her. Even the top gynecologist will prescribe the same prescription. Besides, she won't wake up so soon. She needs a rest before being transferred to another hospital. The last and also the most important point! "

The woman doctor looked at the man's perfect carved face and said, "You can't do strenuous exercise!"

Marcus was stunned for a moment, but then he realized it. Embarrassed, he nodded. "Thank you!"

Nobody knew how shocked they would be if his subordinates saw his expression.

But it has something to do with Cindy!

In the ward, on the white bed, Cindy was lying quietly.

With her eyes gently closed, she was quiet like a fairy and made others feel sorry for her.

Marcus sat on the edge of the bed. His usually stern cold eyes were now shimmering like spring water. Her little hand was wrapped tightly in his big hand. At this moment, his heart was filled with joy and happiness, but a wave of panic flashed through his heart.

He had made up his mind to let her go, but now…

His slender fingers gently touched her lower abdomen. Although it was still flat now, it did really have their children here.

'What would she do when she woke up? Would she be as happy as him?'

While thinking, he couldn't help smiling as if he was only thinking of the good side but automatically ignoring the bad side.

He suddenly remembered that he kissed her after drinking last time. 'So the nausea was caused by morning sickness?'

Then he threw away her dog and ignored her. She must hate him very mu

lly wakes up."

Seeing that she was awake, Marcus hurriedly ran over to her. His deep voice was full of softness, like a marshmallow, making her heart melt.

Cindy raised her head and the sun shone through his head on her. His tall figure was half visible and half visible.

His deep eyes, which were like the ocean, instantly fixed on her. What an attractive man he was at this moment.

With noble and distant expression on his face, his thin lips formed a graceful smile.

'Is he smiling?

Why is he laughing?'

She hadn't seen him smiling like that for a long time.

Suddenly, she felt remorseful and her heart beat violently. This feeling made her very uncomfortable and dangerous.

She didn't want this feeling. She should hate him!

Thinking of this, she pushed him away, lifted the quilt and wanted to leave here.

"Cindy, you are still weak now."

As soon as Marcus finished his words, Cindy, who had stepped on the carpet, trembled and was about to fall.

In the next second, she was firmly hugged by the man's strong arm.

"Let me go!"

Looking at her stubborn and indifferent expression, he smiled slightly.

"Why are you laughing?"

'He has been smiling like this since just now? Is there anything that makes him happy?

Or laughing at my incompetence? Laughing at my inability to escape from his control?'

"Why are you laughing?"

The look on Cindy's face turned cold.

"It's not strange. People all laugh." He answered.

"But you are not a human!"

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