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   Chapter 124 Cross Their Path

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7033

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"I'm fine, really, Bob!"

She gently pushed Bob away. Her little face seemed impermanent, and even her lips slightly raised.

"I got close to him because of the Luo Group. It has nothing to do with me whom he is staying with. By the way, didn't you just say you were going shopping? Have you finished? If you have finished, let's go. "

In order not to let Bob see that she was about to break down, Cindy turned her back, took a deep breath, calmed down and walked toward the door of the restaurant.

Looking at her lonely figure, Bob swore to himself that he would make her happy!

Inside a shopping mall, a couple was going through different shops. It was a handsome boy and a lovely girl, but the girl seemed to be more excited than the boy.

"Bob, I think this suit is really suitable for you. Come on, try it on!"

Cindy didn't know how many clothes they had picked up. Almost every store of men's wear brought them in, and they bought in each store. Even waiters of the other store were waiting for them from afar.

A gentle smile appeared on Bob's face as he took the clothes. Without hesitation, she walked straight to the fitting room.

"Bob, you can give it a try first, and I'll pick up one more time."

Then, Cindy went on selecting these clothes.

The shop assistant kindly suggested that there be many new styles of women's wear. When she asked her if she would like to try them on, Cindy's eyes were already fixed at the high-end fashion section on the other side of the mall.

When she saw the familiar figure, she was almost unconscious. Her eyes followed him without a blink.

His tall figure covered half of the body of the woman beside him. Through the glass window, she saw that he seemed to be choosing clothes carefully.

'For Emma?


Sure enough, the man's heart is changeable. The last second he was holding the promise of your lifetime for you, and the next second, he can also be considerate to other women.'

She saw Emma turn over and frown as if she could not find her favorite dress, but the dress she was holding was her favorite style.


Bob ran over and held her firmly when she was about to fall on the ground.

"Cindy, what's wrong with you? You don't look good. "

"Bob, my, my stomach hurts..."

The sudden frightened feeling made her feel more and more painful. She bit her lips so hard that some blood oozed out.

"Oh my God There's blood! "

The waitress was shocked to see the blood on Cindy's dress. She shouted.

Bob was shocked. He looked at his hand again and found that there was blood.

He glared at Emma with his bloodthirsty eyes.

"No, it wasn't me. I did nothing. She ran into my feet by herself."

A shiver ran down her spine as she tried to evade her responsibility.

"Get out of the way!"

On the other side of the line, unable to restrain himself any longer, Marcus reached in front of Cindy.

Emma was more nervous. Feeling a pang in her heart, she quickly reached out her little hand to drag Marcus.

"Marcus, I, I didn't mean it."

"Give her to me!"

However, the man did not pay any attention to her at all. His sharp eyes locked on Bob and the woman in his arms.

"Bob, no, please don't..." Cindy instinctively resisted. Naturally, Bob didn't want to give her to that man again.

However, her face was getting worse and worse. At the same time, her eyes were a little unfocused. The next second, when Bob looked at her again, her legs became weak and she fainted directly!

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