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   Chapter 123 He Hugged Emma

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The morning sunshine poured into the French windows. In a daze, Cindy opened her eyes. She heard a car whistle downstairs. Needless to say, it was Marcus's car.

Recently, they have not met each other at home, and even he did not eat at home.

If it were not for the car whistle at midnight and the sound of leaving in the morning every day, she would really think that man had disappeared from the world.

Such feeling was abnormal. Besides, Bob went to the Huo Family more frequently than he used to.

He either invited her to a movie or went shopping. Luckily, Cindy could enter and leave the Huo Family freely.

As a result, she had already got the news about Cole for Olivia.

"Cindy, have you got up?"

Almost at this time every day, Bob came to report on time.

Looking at the watch on the bedside table, Cindy frowned.

She didn't feel annoyed, but… That was weird!

"Here we are, Cindy. I heard the breakfast was very delicious!"

With great interest, Bob pulled Cindy along the street in the Southern City.

"Bob, after breakfast..."

"How about going shopping after breakfast? And then go to the movies or amusement park? "

Before Cindy could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Bob.

"Bob, what's wrong with you? We almost finished eating all snacks on this snack street and saw the new movies. We have also gone the shopping malls in the Southern City. Bob, could you tell me why you did this... "

"I want to pursue you!"

Then the look on Cindy's face froze and it took her a while to realize what he meant.

She did not look at him, which made him not know what to do.

"Bob, you know, I, i..."

"I know, Cindy. I've tried to forget you and dated with other girls, but I can't lie to myself. I can't let you go. Cindy, I don't care if you treat me as lyndsy or a friend. Just let me stay with you, okay? "

"But it's not fair

which was eye-catching for Cindy.

It was not a big deal. Although the woman's face hadn't been seen in the photos, from the side face, the figure, and the way she walked, Cindy was sure that the woman in Marcus's arms was none other than Emma!

Her heart was stung.

He had proposed to her and even tried to force her to marry him. But now he couldn't wait to find another woman!

It must be someone else! She hated Emma the most!

Ferociously, she threw the tissue she had wiped her mouth into the trash can. She thought ''It's OK. Sooner or later she would let the two people pay for it.' But her eyes were still red.

She kept telling herself, 'Cindy, you can't do this. Why are you sad for him?

You don't love him anymore!

He is your enemy. You can only hate him, hate him!'

She said it unconsciously, but her tears were like disobedient children, deliberately against her.

"Cindy, don't do this. It's not worth it. It's not worth it!"

Bob didn't expect that they would be together again.

The last time was to force Cindy back, but this time? Why?

When he saw that Cindy's eyes were covered with tears, he was heartbroken. He stood up, went to her side and held her tightly in his arms.

"Cindy, you still have me..."

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