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   Chapter 121 Lost Memory

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Just when Alex was about to finish what he had just said to her, he was pushed hard, and then his body leaned back without warning. He saw that the little woman with a red face opened the door, quickly jumped out of the car, and walked towards the restaurant in front of him without looking back.

Alex looked at her fleeing figure with his deep eyes. His long fingers gently touched his lower lip. A strange evil smile slowly appeared on his lips.

'I must be crazy!'

Olivia blamed herself silently as she walked.

'I must be crazy! How dare I kiss that man!

Think about how he has treated me. My brain must be wrong. Or it has been squeezed.'

Alex stood in front of the car, watching the figure rushing toward the restaurant. He looked up at the sky.

'It is still the best season of a year. I met you again on such a season!

Many years later, I don't know if the girl would still remember who had scratched her hair and who had brought her a lifetime of sadness.

When Olivia entered the restaurant, she was attracted by the golden piano on the stage.

Her fingers had danced on the black and white keyboards before her family was ruined. She also played a wonderful piece of music.

She stood there, watching the piano intently, and strangely calmed down as if nothing had just happened between her and Alex.

"Do you want to play?"

All of a sudden, she heard a man's voice. She turned around and saw his handsome face.

Unconsciously, she nodded.


When the first musical note flew out of her fingers, a rare smile finally appeared on her face.

With a clean face and slender fingers, and the white keys, she looked like a fairy.

The music was sometimes gorgeous, sometimes sad, revealing anxiety and miss.

At first, Alex was enjoyable, but listening to her, the emotions released by her fingertips constantly touched his heart.


Finally, he stood up, walked to her, and pulled her out of the chair.

'The one she misses so much! Who is he?

Is he Cole?'

Hearing the cold voice from his mouth, Olivia had not reacted yet. He pulled her off the stage again. She was really confused about this kind of situation.

What they did naturally attracted

found that Alex was staring straight at her, which made her freak out.

Alex was shocked. "Cindy, you don't know that?"

She glanced at him. "Know what?"

"You were bitten by a dog when you were a child. Since then, Marcus does not allow anyone to keep a dog in his house. This happened when you were seven years old. You should remember it clearly!"

Hearing what Alex said, Cindy felt confused too.

'How could I forget what happened at the age of seven? I cannot think of anything about this.'

She blinked and shook her head in confusion. "I don't remember."

"Cindy, what Alex said is true. Everyone knew what happened that night, so Marcus strongly opposed you taking the puppy back. He was afraid that you would get hurt again."

Said Miranda as she went downstairs.

"Nice to meet you, Aunt Miranda." Alex sweetly bowed to Miranda, while Olivia, on the other side, was a little flustered.

She turned around stiffly and her eyes met his.

'Didn't he say that Marcus's parents weren't at home when they came here?' She lowered her head and forced herself to calm down.

Cindy seemed to notice her change, too. She held her hand tightly to encourage her.

The moment Miranda saw Alex bring a beautiful girl home, her eyes lit up with excitement.

"Alex, who is this young lady?"

The smile on the corners of Miranda's lips was raised. But after she saw Olivia's face, her body seemed to be fixed, standing there for a long time without reaction.

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