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   Chapter 120 The Handsome Man Had Changed

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7103

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:22

"Why... Why are you back? Wait! Wait Alex, where are you taking me to? "

When Olivia opened the door and saw the man with a long face, she couldn't help frowning.

Last night, he called her and told her that he was with Marcus. She thought he might be drunk and didn't come back.

'Shouldn't he be in the company at this moment? Why is he here now? '

But the man didn't seem to hear her at all. He grabbed her hand, pulled her into his arms, and rudely dragged her out of the villa.

All of a sudden, her tiny body was crammed into the car. It was not until she sat in the passenger seat that she had just regained her breath through her nose. However, she was shrouded in an inexplicable low atmosphere again in an instant.

'What's wrong with him?

I have never offended him.'

Olivia tried hard to recall what had happened between them since yesterday morning when he went out of her room. She found that nothing had happened between them except for a call.

"Why, why are you looking at me like that?"

"I told you I was drinking outside yesterday!"

Olivia nodded. ''Of course I know that! Is there anything wrong with that?'

"But you..."

Alex gritted his teeth. He told her yesterday that he was going to drink, but this woman only said "hum!"!

What's worse, she didn't even call him!

She didn't care about him. She didn't care where he went. She didn't care whether there was any woman around him.

"What?" Olivia looked at his face, confused.

"I have not eaten! Go with me! "

He is such a bitch! Although she hadn't called him the whole night, he still wanted to know her situation.

When he called her, he found that she hadn't eaten breakfast yet!

He didn't want to admit that he was afraid that she would be hungry, so this was what he had just said.

She thought something serious had happened when they went out.

"Okay." she said. The man in the driver's seat didn't say anything.

She thought he was in a bad mood, so she did not speak again. She looked out of the window.

Maybe it was because he wanted to relieve his anger, or something else, Alex drove ve

he lifted her little chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

"You must remember your identity. When I ask questions, you must answer them, understand?"

This wasn't what he was thinking. But what he said out hurt her.

"I mean you can say… HMM... "

Getting no response, Alex became furious, but his roar was sealed with a kiss before it could be heard.

Olivia couldn't help kissing him when he stared at her.

He kept reminding her of her identity, which made her very angry. Her kiss was more like a vent.

Alex's brows knitted slightly. He looked at the pretty face that was very close to him. Her little face flushed because of anger and panic.

Her lips were still on his. Her body stiffened. He could tell how nervous she was.

His lips were somewhat cold, but they were soft, as if having an electric current. This drove the brain of Olivia to go blank. At this moment, she could do nothing but look at him in amazement.

The air in the car gradually became thinner. The pressure and numbness from her lips came to her. Finally, when she was fully aware of what she had just done, she could not help beating her own big head.

'What have I done on earth?' Even she herself was terrified!

Alex's eyes darkened as he stared at the woman for a long time. Then his heart abruptly jumped, which was out of control. He then didn't know what to do, even if he had been much experienced.

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