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   Chapter 118 A Dog Is More Important Than Him

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6932

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Seeing that, Cindy frowned slightly. 'He comes back so early today.'

Recently, they seldom met each other, except at midnight.

When Marcus approached her, she found that he seemed drunk.


She heard him call her name. Since George wasn't at home, only she and Miranda were sitting in the dining room.

Clenching her lips, Cindy didn't intend to respond, but saw Miranda winking at her.

None of the servants dared to help Marcus who was saying "Cindy".

His thin lips kept mumbling. Finally, Cindy had no choice but to walk towards him.

He was about to fall down. She reached out to hold him.

Her soft body had a familiar smell. She was just close to him when his big hand took her in his arms.


His voice was hoarse. She hadn't seen him for a long time. When they were so close, she felt nervous subconsciously.

"I feel so bad..."

Hearing the voice on the top of her head, she stopped and was held more tightly by the man.

He hugged her tightly, so close that they could feel the warmth of each other.

He was like a lost child as he rubbed her lips until he found his destination. His scarlet lips suddenly grinned in a satisfied way like a child muttered, "I've found it!"


His sudden move took Cindy by surprise.

She struggled hard to free herself from his arms, but she felt even more nervous and panicked when he kissed her. But now, they were in the hall, with Miranda and the servants present!

The nerves of Cindy were frayed. After a while, when she went to look for Miranda and others, there was no one in the big living room except her and Marcus.

She let out a long sigh. It seemed like Miranda had made room for them on purpose.

But she didn't know why she felt sick when she smelt the alcohol from his mouth.

She couldn't help trembling and pushed him away with all her strength. Then she turned around and rushed into the bathroom.

There was a burst of sound of vomiting inside, and the man who was pushed to the ground was stunned to sit on the ground.

His dazed head was i



"Who allows you to talk?"

Before the servant could finish her words, a cold glance came over, and she was frightened to lower her head and shut up.

"Throw it away!"

He said without any hesitation.

Cindy's heart suddenly ached and said, "Why do you throw it away? It's so cute. Now that you don't want me to put it in my room, how about keeping it in a place where you cannot see it?"

In fact, she had wanted to keep a pet or a kitten since her childhood. But for some reason, he didn't allow it. He said that it was not clean. He was afraid that she would get sick!

She had been angry for this for a long time. So in order to make her happy, he bought all kinds of dolls for her.

But now, he was determined to throw the dog away!

"No way!"

His cold words made Cindy's face turn red and pale.

"But there are so many rooms. Can we just leave it alone? I won't let you see it! "

The man's face darkened. He widened his eyes for a long time, and then his scarlet thin lips said.

"You are not allowed to keep a dog!"

'It's now allowed? Why? Auntie Miranda has not say anything!'

After saying that, he started to stagger upstairs, with one hand holding the table.

But when Cindy returned to her room after dinner, she was shocked again.

She saw the man who had been asleep lying on the big bed that had belonged to her.

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