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   Chapter 117 Loving A Woman Doesn't Mean that You Have To Stay With Her For A While

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7690

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Marcus lowered his head. On the bed, Cindy furrowed her eyebrows in pain.

His heart ached, and he put his fingers between her eyebrows, gently stroking them.

She Was really painful.

Suddenly, he remembered what she had said to him before.

As long as she was with him, she would be in pain all the time

Marcus felt great pain and his heart beat quickly.

"Cindy, if I let you go, you wouldn't have suffered so much? Or you wouldn't… You wouldn't be so painful? Even in your dream, you still suffered a lot. But I just want to be with you! "

His voice was as mellow and quiet as a wine, but with a trace of humbleness and sadness.

Since he received training and became the charger of the Huo Family, he had been known for his indifference and cruelty. He had been accustomed to bloody rain, fraud and deception in the face of families and mafias for a long time. He had long learned to launch pre-emptive attacks.

He could make a lot of people die or live easily. He had the overriding right for many years. But only she…

All he wanted was to be with her, and then live a quiet and relaxed life, without right but only love.


The girl on the bed seemed to let out a groan and turned her body unconsciously. Her little face was clung to his broad palm.

He stood still and stared at her face for a long time as if he could never get enough of looking at her.

He didn't let her go until footsteps came from outside the room. He stood up and walked out of the bedroom.

When he opened the door, he saw his father George. Wearing dark pajamas, he looked grim.

"Finally come out? Come to the study. "

Marcus didn't say a word. He just followed George into his study.

"The Huo Group is our family's asset for generations. We can't let it be destroyed by you or by Cindy!"

As soon as he entered the room, he heard George's cold voice.

Marcus snorted. "So what?"

"So, the one you should be with right now can't be Cindy. It's okay to stay with even Emma. And it would be safer for Cindy! Don't you think it's better to have Emma help her to resist those dangers? Do you think anyone will believe what you said to the people that you keep Cindy at your side in order to pin down Cindy? Don't underestimate them! "

"You know the Huo Group very well

the Huo Family, she was more like a prisoner in a cage now. She couldn't even walk out of the door alone!

Life seemed to be easy, but it was quiet and aggrieved.

"Wow, such a cute puppy. Bob, where did you get it?"

It was rare for her to have a big smile on her face, especially when she took the puppy from Bob's hand. Her heart was softened in an instant.

"Let me tell you. I picked it up on my way here. I thought you might like it, so I brought it for you. It's also good to let it talk with you when I'm not here. "

Bob looked at the puppy in her arms and the smile on his face softened.

"Picked it up on the way? Really? "

How could it be possible for one to pick up such a pure Samoyed with only white furs?

It was so round and lovely, with black pearl-like eyes.

"What? Not like her? "

As Bob said, he picked up the dog from her arms and looked around carefully.

"Do you think there will be someone who doesn't care about an innocent Samoyed on the way?"

Cindy rolled her eyes at him.

Bob smiled but didn't say anything. He did see it lovely when passing by a pet store, so he bought it to make her feel better.

The day passed quickly with the company of this little puppy.

It was not until Miranda called her to have dinner that she realized it was getting dark.

"Cindy, give it to me! I'll feed it. "

The door was suddenly opened as soon as Cindy sat down at the table after she gave the dog to the servant.

She turned around and saw Marcus coming back with exhaustion.

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