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   Chapter 116 She Has Already Been Engraved Into My Heart

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7499

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"If there is nothing else, I will go to the company."

His handsome face was frightening.

"What's Carlos's position?" His father was so angry that he banged the table, making the lid tremble and fall to the ground.

However, Marcus stopped suddenly and turned around slowly. He raised his chin and looked at his father with his black eyes.

"Just do as you said, father."

Noticing that Marcus looked down upon him, Carlos fixed his cold, piercing eyes on him as he walked out of the living room.

'Marcus! Let's see how long you can be proud! You will be trampled underfoot by me one day!'

Clenching his fists, Carlos swore to himself!

Since they hadn't seen each other for a few years, Miranda had a lot to talk to Cindy. Under her persuasion, Cindy had eaten up the bowl of porridge.

However, the frown on Miranda's face from time to time made Cindy care a lot.

"Auntie Miranda, what's wrong with you? What happened? "

Obviously, the look on Miranda's face froze for a while, but she quickly recovered.

"It's okay, Cindy. Don't think too much. The most important thing is to have a good rest and recover as soon as possible. "

Although Miranda was still smiling, Cindy felt something wrong.

Then when she thought back to the words that Emma had told her in the hospital and the messages she had heard from time to time, she already had a rough idea.

Pressing her lips, she reached out and held the hands of Miranda.

"Auntie Miranda, is it because of me that you and Uncle George are in trouble? Then I will go back to the Luo Family to recuperate. "

"No, Cindy, don't worry. George has said as long as he was here, everything would be okay."

Hearing that she was leaving, Miranda stopped her immediately

"But if I continue to live here, I'm afraid that the Huo Group's board members..."

"Cindy, don't think too much. The only thing you need to do is to live here. Be a good girl! "

Miranda held Cindy's hand and tried her best to avoid those things.

"Auntie Miranda, I am sleepy. I want to have a rest." Then Cindy withdrew her hand.

Now she had figured out her relationship with the Huo Family. Even if Miranda, George and even Marcus wanted to protect her, they wouldn't give up!

face on the bed was covered by the soft light.

She did not have a good sleeping position. She held the quilt with her hands, and her legs were exposed outside. Her skirt was not tidy, and her skin was glowing. All of these made the man tortured.

The man let out a sigh, walked over to her bed and gently pulled her quilt off. However, her sweet dream was disturbed.

She frowned slightly and turned over, just meeting the man's arm at the bedside. In an instant, a pinkish arm was wrapped around his arm, and her breath was slowly exhaled. He could not help but lower his head slowly and approached her.

"Cindy, you are thinner..."

He lowered his voice as hard as he could and tried not to be cold as in the daytime.

His strong figure completely enveloped the woman on the bed, and his thin lips gently dropped a kiss on her forehead. Such a scene did not bring any trace of lust. It was so peaceful and quiet.

It could be said that for so many days, this time was the calmest between them.

His fingers gently stroked her face. The smooth touch made his heart skip a beat.

From when on earth, there was only her in his eyes and his heart, no other women.

He could only remember that she seemed to be engraved into his heart. Even if there was a little gap between them, he would feel great pain.

He saw her growing up from a baby to a little girl. He saw himself as a brother, a father and a husband by her side, hoping that she would grow up and become his wife!

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