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   Chapter 115 Cindy, You Are Mine!

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"What an unkind son! He only thinks of Cindy when meeting his father after so many years." Miranda thought.

"Marcus, I've arranged this already. A professional caregiver will stay at home 24 hours a day. As for your father, he will certainly stay at home! "

Miranda tried to mediate the dispute.

"Thank you, Auntie Miranda, Uncle George."

Said Cindy. Although the two were not her biological parents, they always treated her as their own daughter since she had been with them for so many years.

George's dark eyes finally flashed. He looked at Cindy.

"Cindy, no matter what your surname is, I'm still your family member as long as you call me Uncle George! Rest assured and take care of yourself. Don't worry. I will take care of the rest. "

"Uncle George, thank you, thank you so much!"

Cindy lowered her head slightly. She came here to take revenge, but they still considered her as their family member.

Her nose twitched and her heart ached.

Sometimes people were just so strange. She wasn't afraid of your hatred or viciousness. She was only afraid that you were good to her, because she was afraid that she couldn't be ruthless enough to hurt you!

A servant came to report.

"Mr. George, Mr. Carlos is here. "

When Marcus heard the maid's words, his face immediately darkened. He shouted coldly.

"What is he doing here?"

Once again, Miranda pushed her son's arm, indicating him to stop.

He looked at his mother and his father and didn't say anything. Apparently, his father asked him to come.

"You guys go out and talk. I will stay here with Cindy. I also have something to talk to her."

As she spoke, a maid came over, holding a newly cooked nutritious porridge in her hand.

It was their own business, and she shouldn't get involved.

Marcus came over and wanted to cover the quilt for Cindy, but she didn't even look at him. Moreover, when he covered the quilt for her, she pulled it off. It looked like she was totally against him!

He didn't feel annoyed. He sat down by the bedside, took the bowl from the maid's hand, and gently scooped up a spoon of porridge. Afte

moment he was expelled from the Huo Family, he was not allowed to be buried in the cemetery!

George sighed deeply. "Marcus, your grandfather has been dead, and all these years, your uncle hasn't done anything wrong to the Huo Family. Now that he was dead, just let the past be the past! Those old scores are all over now. I don't want to add them to you and Carlos. You two should support each other, shouldn't you? "

There was no expression on Marcus's face, but his words were indifferent.

"Since you have made up your mind, why bother to ask me again?"

"You are also a member of the Huo Family. I think you should know it." His son's words choked him to death.

"Besides, it has been two years since Carlos graduated. Now that he has come back from abroad, let him go back to the company! How about starting from the manager? What do you think? "

Finally, Marcus's eyes grew cold.

"No matter who got into the Huo Group, you started at the very bottom. And so did I. don't you remember?"

"Well Uncle, I think I'd better start from an employee! This is the rule. Please don't embarrass Marcus. " Carlos stood up and interrupted.

"Then let's start from the vice manager. He has been doing well in managing his own company abroad over the years. He is definitely capable!"

It seemed that George was trying his best to contain his anger.

And all of a sudden, Marcus stood up from the sofa.

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