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   Chapter 114 This Woman Was Not Kind

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For the whole night, Marcus had been sitting on the sofa in his bedroom. There were many cigarette ends on the ashtray of the coffee table. The whole room was filled with the smell of cigarettes, and even the air became hazy.

Maurice, who came in and saw him like this, hesitated for a moment and went up to him and took away half of his cigarette.

He knew it was a serious taboo, but for the health of his master, he would rather accept the punishment.

As expected, the man's eyes flashed a dangerous light.

"Maurice, how dare you!"

Maurice bowed his head hurriedly. "Master, you can't smoke anymore Master, you..."

"What do you want to say? You must have waited for a long time? If you don't say, will you suffer internal injury? "

Marcus raised his eyebrows and said jokingly.

Maurice was a little surprised by his words. He had thought that he would be furious to punish him.

"Master, your new elixir will be made tomorrow."

The look in Marcus's eyes changed a little, but only in a moment. "Right! Is the previous medicine useless? How long does this medicine's function last? "

He didn't want to think about his disease, but recently he seemed to more easily lost control of his temper.

He started to treat Cindy so ruthlessly that her newly healed wound was torn again.

"It's said that it will last for half a year. Are you okay, master? Still have a headache? " Maurice asked worriedly.

"Well, not that bad. Six months? It seems that the drug this time has made great progress. " There was no change in Marcus's expression.

"Maybe you will get better this time." Maurice comforted him.

He had been tortured for five years by the illness. At first, it was the most difficult to bear during the first two years. He wasn't willing to take medicine and get treated until he got the news that Miss Cindy was still alive.

He thought that the return of Miss Cindy would make his master better. However, he didn't expect that his master became more and more moody these days and his condition would be worsened.

It was because of the love!

"Better? I hope so! Has Cindy been awake? "

After a sleepless night, the man's black eyes were full of exhaustion, but when he thought of the woman who was the most important in his heart, he

r her body. After a moment of adaptation, she suddenly thought of something, and wanted to stand up in a hurry, only to find that something was wrong.

At this moment, a voice of surprise came over her head.

"Cindy, are you awake?"

"Auntie Miranda," Her voice was a little bit hoarse.

"Don't move. The injection is still on!"

Hearing her words, Cindy turned her body and found that there was a syringe on the back of her hand.

"Hurry up. Go and inform Marcus that Cindy has woken up. " As she called a servant to inform Marcus, she pulled a man not far away to the bed.

"When Marcus comes in later, don't pull a long face."

The person Miranda was taking was none other than the father of Marcus, George Huo, who was also the hidden charger of the Huo Family.

"Uncle George."

At the sight of him, Cindy wanted to stand up to say hello to him but was stopped by Miranda again.

Although he was over 50 years old, the years had never left a trace on him. He had a pair of bright eyes that were even more profound than Marcus, and there were no wrinkles on his handsome face. Not only did he become more and more dignified, but his powerful aura was deeply felt just as he stood there.

George nodded. He was about to say something, but was interrupted by a man who pushed the door in.

"Father, Cindy hasn't fully recovered yet, so she needs someone to take care of her. Besides, you must stay here and won't go anywhere! "

When he heard his son's words, he snorted and his face darkened.

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